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Office 365 Saturday Europe - Self-Service Business Intelligence with Power BI

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Power BI for Office 365 provides many new features enabling everyone new scenarios of putting in place business intelligence with Excel and Office 365. Discover, access and manipulate data with just a few clicks, shape and transform data. Analyze and create stunning interactive visualizations that uncover hidden insights to share and collaborate from anywhere, and soon on any device.

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Office 365 Saturday Europe - Self-Service Business Intelligence with Power BI

  1. 1. Office 365 Saturday Europe Welcome #O365EU Hosts: Matthew Hughes & Rene Modéry Meeting #1
  2. 2. Office 365 Saturday Europe Self-Service Power BI Marius Constantinescu blue-infinity SA, Geneva Switzerland MVP SharePoint Server Meeting #1
  3. 3. 1. Understand Microsoft vision of self- service business intelligence (BI) 2. Introducing features and tools 1.  Self-Service BI in Excel Discover & Combine with Power Query Model & Analyze (Power Pivot) Visualizations (Power View, Power Map)   2. Power BI for Office 365 What shall we talk about today
  4. 4. The World of Data is Changing
  5. 5. Self-Service BI for Office 365 1 in 4 enterprise customers on Office 365 1 Billion Office Users Discover Analyze Visualize Share Find Q&A Scalable | Manageable | Trusted Mobile
  6. 6. Data Steward – a new role in your organization  How to identify them ?    Normally business users with expert knowledge of business processes Able to validate the accuracy, completeness of data within a certain business context A data steward is primarily responsible for:       Identifying and acquiring new data sources. Creating and maintaining consistent reference data and master data definitions. Publishing relevant data to appropriate users in an organization, and monitoring the published data sources for usage/relevance/quality feedback. Creating and managing business metadata for published data sources to ensure that it is easily discoverable, and meaningful to information workers. Resolving data integrity issues across stakeholders. Analyzing data for quality and reconciling data issues.
  7. 7. BI Center sites or Power BI sites Available on SharePoint Enterprise Online and On-Premises Pre-configured lists and libraries, features to share BI content (reports, KPI, dashboards) Limits set by at Web Application level BI Center site Only available on Power BI for Office 365 Visual appealing, uses tiles concepts Add “featured” reports for ease of access Power BI is an Cloud-App, doesn’t require a new site File size limited to 250 Mb Power BI site
  8. 8. Power BI on Office 365 Power Query Power Query is an add-in for Excel that you can use to discover lots of different data sources (internal and/or public), combine and shape data. Power Pivot Create a powerful Data Models with one or more tables of data, relationships between tables that come from different data sources. Power View Create interactive views, reports, scorecards, and dashboards. Power Map Visualize data on a three-dimensional (3D) globe and show how data trends over time in a particular geographical area. Power BI sites Power BI sites SharePoint site into a visual (using thumbnails), dynamic way to view and share Excel workbooks. Power BI Windows Store App Use it to view and interact (filter with slices, charts) with Excel workbooks store on Office 365 on a Windows tablet. Powerful, selfservice BI solution with loads of features
  9. 9. Power Query Discover, combine, and refine data for better analysis in Excel Public search feature (for now mainly intended for use in the US only) Pre-requirements    1/ Access data sources that aren't readily available in Power Pivot, such as Facebook, MySQL, Azure HDInsight (Hadoop), Web Api results (OData, JSON) 2/ Perform Inline transformations with ease - built-in transformations (splitting columns and un-pivoting data are two popular tasks) that can help square up data prior to modeling in Power Pivot while showing a nice recap of Steps 3/ Materialized tables (Use "Append" and "Merge" functions to bring into a single table multiple different databases) Limitations ▪ SharePoint based refresh in SharePoint Online / On-Premises are not yet supported. ▪ You can’t import an Excel Data Model you created with Power Query into a tabular model (in SS Data Tools)     Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus Office 365 ProPlus Excel 2013 Standalone Excel 2010 – requires Software Assurance for Office Professional Plus through Volume Licensing Available for download at http://office.microsoft.com/enus/excel/download-data-explorerfor-excel-FX104018616.aspx
  10. 10. Power Pivot        Create relationships between tables (VLOOKUP is now obsolete). Add formulas with Data Analysis Expressions (DAX). Create key performance indicators (KPIs) in Power Pivot. Set table and column properties to improve the experience of designing in client tools such as Power View and Power Map. Organize fields in hierarchies (supporting drill-down scenarios, making easier for user to navigation across common paths of data, e.g. Region>Country>City) Create perspectives (custom views targeting particular user group/business scenario for easier navigation of large data sets). ! Not enabled by default – check File > COM Add-Ins section Enrich your data model with Power View
  11. 11. The BI Semantic Model - a single source for reporting, dashboards, analysis, and predictive analytics.  Essentially a data model is nothing but a group of tables tied together by a set of relationships with some calculated fields, and possibly some calculated columns.  Obtained via Power Query, Power Pivot, Excel tables  Business Intelligence Semantic Model
  12. 12. Demo Visualize and interact with reports & charts in Power BI windows store app
  13. 13. Power View  Pre-requirements  Microsoft Office 2013     Not a sophisticated charting environment - its purpose is to let you create charts very quickly and look at data in different formats in a simple way. Originally viewed as an additional reporting system in SQL Server Reporting Services integrated with SharePoint 2010 Only works with Power Pivot data model ! If you don’t see it after installation – check COM Add-Ins section Professional Plus  Office 365 ProPlus  Excel 2013 Standalone  Excel 2010 – requires Software Assurance for Office Professional Plus through Volume Licensing  (For now) Power View requires the Silverlight component to be installed on your system.
  14. 14. Power View vs. Report Builder & Report Designer Incompatible reports types 1. RDLX (Power View) vs. RDL Reports (in Report Builder / Designer) 2. Neither can open reports made with the other tool Which one should I use now?
  15. 15. Power View tips Before creating a new Power View visualization 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Update field aggregations (default is Sum, maybe you wish or Average, Count, etc.) Change already Title, Image, and Identifier for each table as well for fields in your model – changing afterwards will result in loss of information Determine how duplicate values are handled in Power View reports Hide tables, fields, and measures you don’t want to be used by report creators – hiding does NOT delete nor break any formulas depending on them Set the default fields for a table so that when you click on a table in Power View, all of the default fields will be simultaneously added to the report Get started on the right foot
  16. 16. Power View chart types and data series Relationship Points Lines Points & Lines Bars Nominal comparison Avoid Avoid Avoid Either horizontal or vertical bars Time series When there is a need to narrow the scale and in so doing remove zero from its base. Categorical subdivisions on X axes, quantity values on Y axes. The emphasis should be on the overall pattern Categorical subdivisions on X axes, quantity values on Y axes. Mutual emphasis on overall pattern and individual values. Categorical subdivisions on X axes, quantity values on Y axes. Emphasis on individual values. Ranking When there is a need to narrow the scale and in so doing remove zero from its base Avoid Avoid Either horizontal or vertical bars Part to whole Avoid Avoid Avoid Either horizontal or vertical bars Deviation Avoid Known as a frequency polygon with the emphasis on the overall pattern Avoid Known as a histogram with emphasis primarily on individual values Single distribution Avoid Multiple distribution Used to mark the median in a box plot Used for up to five distributions Avoid Used in the form of range bars and box plots Correlation Known as a scatter plot Avoid Use as a trend line Either horizontal or vertical bars Few recommendation s when choosing charts
  17. 17. Natural Language Query
  18. 18. Demo Introducing Power View
  19. 19. Power Map      Visualize your data in a geographic context Uses Bing map tiles (allow for zoom in/out) By default data is displayed as Dots (size depends on attached measure). Multiple series generate pie-charts by default Do not work in the Power BI windows store app
  20. 20. Power BI Windows Store App View multiple reports sheets Interact with charts using slices Share reports with ease using Windows 8 charms Visualize correlated data
  21. 21. Power BI Windows store app capabilities      Scrolling within a visualization. Related data highlighting (cross-filtering) – tapping elements in one visualization to highlight related data in another visualization (same page). Filtering with slicers, across the whole sheet (or “view”) and individual visualizations. Column resizing in views (tables, matrix ). Sorting charts by the different fields in the chart.
  22. 22. Demo Visualize and interact with reports & charts in Power BI windows store app
  23. 23. Power BI Windows store app tips Recommendations • Supported Objects • Tables, Charts (Column, bar, line, scatter, and bubble charts) • Text boxes • Slicer • Use meaningful names on sheets, cannot reorder sheets • Exposes Objects (PivotTables, PivotCharts, charts, tables, and named ranges) not spreadsheets To Avoid • Not yet supported • Matrix, Tiles, Multiples, Maps, • Play axis in scatter and bubble charts • Hierarchies and drill-down Tips for great visualization & interaction experience
  24. 24. The journey continues… Future steps
  25. 25. •Define new Gateway •Decide secure credentials storage •Establish access restrictions (users and roles) Register •Download and install the MS Data Management Gateway •Requires Local Administrator •Work only on Windows 7, 8.x, Windows Server 2012 Configure Install Microsoft Data Management Gateway •Certificate •Power BI generated Or Existing •Endpoint •Protocol, Port (e.g. HTTPS 8051) •Data Source •Create connections in Power BI Admin center Expose onpremises data sources as OData feed for cloud-access
  26. 26. Office 365 Saturday Europe Thank you for attending Hosts Matt Hughes & Rene Modéry Presenter Marius Constantinescu (blue-infinity SA, Geneva, Switzerland)