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Digital engagement champions 2 mar12

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Digital engagement champions 2 mar12

  1. 1. Digital Champions:Digital Engagement Group Tim Lloyd Marilyn Booth Paul Melhuish BIS Digital
  2. 2. Today• Why we’re here• What the Group’s About• Digital Engagement & Policy – where we are now• Introduction to BIS Digital Channels• Listening on the web
  3. 3. Why we’re here• Set up Digital Champions to: – Spread digital thinking more widely within the Department – Develop a network of advocates for “digital” across Department – Important: Changes in how Government develops its digital offerings – eg single domain – Digital Engagement group to look at ways in which digital tools can help the policy process
  4. 4. Sub Group Approach• Creating digitally engaged policy maker• Writing for the Web• Accessibility issues• Living in single domain world• Influencing IT procurement
  5. 5. Our initial aim• How can we embed digital into the policy- making process right from the start? This group to champion digital tools, techniques and engagement at all stages of the policy process, exploring and promoting how social media can contribute to better policy (and campaigns).
  6. 6. Informal Terms of Reference• We want you to champion effective digital engagement, and help the Digital Team raise awareness of the impacts and advantages of digital tools. You’ll be our eyes and ears in the wider Department……
  7. 7. What’s a Digitally Engaged Policymaker?• Drivers – Cost and cultural changes• People want to share, collaborate and communicate in real time• Levels of digital engagement – from listening, to monitoring, to active engagement and participation in social media activity• Can take place in consultations or in more sustained way• The choice of engagement approach is yours
  8. 8. Digital Engagement in Government
  9. 9. So a Digital Policy Cycle?• Monitoring conversations about a policy or programme intervention at any stage• Finding relevant research• Building relationships with stakeholders – both personal and corporate• Promoting awareness of programmes & projects• Mobilising online communities at consultation stage• Generate conversations round strategies and campaigns
  10. 10. Some examples… http://discuss.bis.gov.uk/hereform/
  11. 11. http://discuss.bis.gov.uk/communitybuying/
  12. 12. BIS’s Digital Tools
  13. 13. TWITTERTwitter is a social networking and microblogging service that allows you toanswer the question, "What are you doing?" by sending short textmessages 140 characters in length, called "tweets", to your friends, or"followers."
  14. 14. • How does Bisgovuk use Twitter?• It’s another channel & tool to:• Broadcast latest news and blog posts.• interact with everybody (as long as they’re on Twitter).• enable easy internal collaboration and group communication.• But also• Monitor in real time
  15. 15. • Finding out what our stakeholders think:• A quick trawl through twitter and #icegs lecture, hayes replaced by you tube video, govt. Backtracking, govt. Incompetence. Depressing• So, do all those attending #icegs for the BIG Hayes lecture feel suitably lectured at by the no-show, pre-recorded insult. #savecareers• just heard at the #icegs conference future Level 3 courses will be funded by learners taking loans. #Unf*ckingbelievable #yam• #ukedchat for those interested in careers educ. please pick up the history of this feed from #icegs @michaellarbs listening to the minister
  16. 16. • So what’s the over riding principle?• Find a bandwagon and jump on it.• Preferably while waving a big flag that says "look at me look at me look at me - Im relevant!• Whisper it quietly – it’s the gossip grapevine…
  17. 17. • Monitoring – being a twitter listener• search.twitter.com• Apps such as TweetDeck