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Anhut Toll Bros Ref Ltr

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Anhut Toll Bros Ref Ltr

  1. 1. 'Tollbrothers, Inc.February 14, 2000 Quality Homes ByDesign® RE: Letter of Reference for Marika Mensch To Whom It May Concern: You may continue reading but to save you time: hire Marika, provide her with all the information about your product and company as you can, stay out of her way, and increase your construction staff to handle your burgeoning backlog. Now the details: From September 1998, until February 2000, Marika Mensch was the Sales Agent at the Toll Brothers Woodside at Preston Village community in Cary, North Carolina. Woodside was, at the time, our flagship project in the Raleigh area, with homes selling at an average delivered sales price of over $375,000. Prior to Marika's assignment to Woodside, sales at the community had stalled. As part of a larger Planned Unit Development, Woodside was in direct competition with, and losing many buyers to, two other national builders and many custom builders. Marika made an immediate impact. She quickly learned her new product and began to log sales as a result of her refined ability to demonstrate and close. To be succinct, once a qualified buyer entered the Sales Center, they left as homeowners. In her first 12 months she sold 32 homes, almost three times the amount of the previous year. Besides the obvious benefit of increased sales pace, Marika greatly enhanced the bottom line. She was exceptionally tightfisted with any incentive monies she was allowed to use, routinely writing contracts with no credits. We were also able to aggressively raise prices. In the 5 months since my arrival in August of 1999 we have raised prices by over $20,000 without affecting pace. As is common with builders in the Raleigh market, Marika was affiliated with a broker who had the listing to sell the Toll homes at Woodside. As such, she was, in essence "working for two masters;" her Broker and Toll Brothers. Marika did a commendable job balancing the demands of both; two reporting systems, two sets of administrative policies and two chains of command. That Marika excelled in both organizations is to her credit and a true reflection of her Marika's husband's career has taken him to Atlanta and Marika has chosen to follow. Her departure will be a tremendous loss to Toll Brothers and a proportional gain to whichever company is smart enough to have herjoin their team. Marika is an intelligent, motivated, clever and caring woman with a shark-like closing instinct. I have no doubt that Marika would immediately increase the sales and professionalism of any new homebuilder. Sincerely, TpifBrothers, Inc. Tom Anhut Vice President North Carolina Division 1215 Jones Franklin Road, Suite 205 • Raleigh. North Carolina 27606 • (919)233-0939 • FAX (919) 233-0934 Corporate Office: 3103 Philmont Avenue • Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 New York Stock Exchange • Symbol TOL adroitness.
  2. 2. "Toll^rothers^nc.Quality Homes ByDesign® February 2,2000 Toll Brothers, Inc 6 Anvil Court Glen Mills, PA 19342 To Whom It May Concern: Since 1998 Marika Mensch has worked as the Sales Manager for Preston Village Country Club, which is one of our Golf Course Communities located in Raleigh/Cary, North Carolina. As the Sales Manager, Marika has consistently produced sales results, which have exceeded the Company's expectations. Toll Brothers is the Nation's leading luxury homebuilder and as such the sale of our homes require a high level of product knowledge, in conjunction with exceptional training, management, motivation and people skills. Marika has demonstrated that she possesses all of these skills and would add tremendous value to any company. If you have any questions, please contact me (610) 358-3611. Sincerely, TOLL BROTHERS, INC. Mitch Kotler Vice-President North Carolina Division 1215 Jones Franklin Road. Suite 205 • Raleigh. North Carolina 27606 • (919)233-0939 • FAX (919) 233-0934 Corporate Office: 3103 Philmont Avenue • Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 New York Stock Exchange • Symbol TOL
  3. 3. AllenTateCompany REALTORS December 5,1996 To Whom it May Concern: i am writing this letter on behalf of Marika Mensch who has worked in our office for the past two years. As she has an appointment to interview with you for a position in new home sales, it is my pleasure to assist her by writing this letter of recommendation. Marika joined us without knowing a soul east of the Mississippi as she had lived her entire life in California. By the end of her first year she was runner up Rookie of the Year in both dollar volume as well as number of units closed. The agent who was Rookie of the Year is a Charlotte native with an extremely large sphere of influence. I mention this because as I said, she accomplished this without knowing a soul east of the Mississippi, without knowing our city, and as a brand new agent in residential real estate. Certainly no easy feat. Marika is without a doubt one of my hardest working agents. She is also, and I say this without reservation, one of the most innovative,-creative, enthusiastic and disciplined agents I have ever known. She could not have achieved her volume of business and level of accomplishments without these attributes. She did things new and different such as telemarketing for listings, created and developed an extremely successful niche by fanning Trotter neighborhoods and then promoting herself as "The Only Realtor in Town Specializing in Trotter Built Homes." Trotter is a local builder, with half a dozen neighborhoods of all brick homes ranging in price from $150,000 to $250,000. Combined with door knocking, more telemarketing, her creative advertising and mail program, this niche, the only niche of its type that I am aware of, resulted in a continuous source of both listings and move up buyers which she actively and successfully pursued. Marika completed our extensive new agent training program, participated in our continuous education program^ completed the 100 series of the GRI placing 12th in her class, and is currently getting her CSP to optimize her endeavor of securing an on sight position as a New Home Sales Representative. We certainly regret losing Marika, and wish her the very best. Knowing her as I do and having spent many years in new home sales myself, I highly recommend her for an on sight sales position. I have no doubt her performance willbe excellent and she willrise to the top wherever she goes. If I can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to write or phone. Broker in Charge The Allen Tate Company 7824 Pineville-Matthews Road Charlotte, NC 28226 704/541-6200 CARMEU51 • 7824 PINEVILLE-MATTHEWS ROAD • CHARLOTTE, N.C. 28226 • 704/541-6200
  4. 4. Jnc. December 19,1996 From: Doug Carson General Manager Southern Realty/Allen Tate 1602 Ebenezer Road Rock Hill, SC 29732 To Whom ItMay Concern: 1 worked closely with Marika Mensch for the last twoyears. I watched hergrow as a listing and selling agent due to her enthusiasm, energy, innovative ideas, determination and plainold hard work! Marika was very good at converting cold calls, walk-ins and relocation to closed sales. Her follow up was excellent in every case, including many times when she filled in for mewith my clients. Had Marika not moved to a new area, I would have brought herto my new locationto run a subdivision. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Marika. She's very bright, more than willing to learn, and has a proven track record. Respectfully, 1602 OoMttr Road Rock Hill, SC 29732 Office 803-324-1185 • Fox: 803-324-5332 310 North White Stmt. Fort Mitt, SC 29715 Offlcm 803-547-1185 • Fax 80*548-3901