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Social Media Strategy Brief for Seamless

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NYU Masters Project: Social Media Campaign for Seamless

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Social Media Strategy Brief for Seamless

  1. 1. SEAMLESS Social Media Strategy Brief Mariel Espejo May 12, 2014
  2. 2. The Agenda •  Overview •  Assets •  Limitations •  Market Trends •  Competitive Analysis •  Target Audience •  Recommendations •  Social Media Strategy Framework •  Strategy •  Budget allocation •  Next Steps
  3. 3. Overview Easiest free, most convenient way to order delivery and takeout available on web and mobile •  In May 2013, merged with GrupHub covering about 25,000 restaurants and 500 cities covering USA, and London •  Revenue of 1 Million in 2013 •  75 Billion food delivery market place •  7.5 Billion take out market place •  25 Billion delivery spend across 39 markets in USA •  Over 40% of the total volume orders are via mobile and tables platforms •  Users with smartphones, Ipad, and web orders account for five times as much customers using only mobile •  Some users order more than five meals a day •  More than 1 million of App downloads •  Avg. new member would try eight new restaurants •  92% of new members try new restaurants •  Customer Care Team
  4. 4. Assets •  More than 50% of customers place an order via mobile •  Over 40% of the total volume via mobile and tables orders •  Over 12,000 restaurants and 80+ cuisine types •  More than 50% of customers will place an order via of Seamless mobile platforms •  More than 1M+ members •  More than 12,000 partners •  Pay for performance •  Transaction fee •  Demand driven network
  5. 5. Digital Assets •  Website •  My Order History •  Bookmarked Restaurants •  Favorite Meals •  Digital presence on: ü Twitter: 107,000 followers ü Instagram: 3,021 followers ü Google +: 2.6K ü Youtube: 248 subscribers ü Facebook: 420,000 likes •  Blog,”The Delivery Bag” •  Mobile App •  iPhone •  Ipad •  Android •  Food tracker at participating restaurants
  6. 6. Market Trends •  Perceived control and convenience •  Consumers embrace online ordering because of its ease, speed and precision, while restaurants see the potential for increased revenue and fewer errors •  Customized order •  Consumers can choose their delivery payment method •  Over the past two years, downloading apps is the second-fastest growing cell phone function that users have on their cellphones
  7. 7. Market Trends Source: http://mashable.com/2012/07/13/restaurants-infographic/
  8. 8. Market Trends Source: http://mashable.com/2012/07/13/restaurants-infographic/
  9. 9. Market Trends Source: http://mashable.com/2012/07/13/restaurants-infographic/
  10. 10. Limitations •  Social media integration within App and web platforms •  Crowdsourcing implementation for network effect •  Foursquare integration •  Pinterest presence •  Restaurants/Shops variety within neighborhood desired •  Customer Loyal program •  Promotions discounts •  Effective CRM for complains and third party problems •  Relevant and content engage within SM platforms •  Technology speed •  Advocacy/Brand ambassador program
  11. 11. Target Audience (Consumer profiles) Maria Alberto Corporate Business •  College/Graduate Student •  18+ years •  Lives on her own •  Doesn’t have time to cook and neither like it •  Busy schedule •  Professional •  32-45+ years old •  Busy schedule •  Business Company •  Offers lunches for workers •  Search for cuisine variety delivery convenience •  Does not encourage workers to eat outside the organization Demographics: Age 18-44, Female and Male
  12. 12. Competitive Analysis FoodDelivery.com •  Enable customers to order online from their favorite local restaurants, grocers, wine and spirits shops, and stores •  Website: Live Chat feature •  Digital presence on FB, TW, Instagram, and Google+ ü  Facebok: 100K+ likes ü  Twitter: 9,762 followers ü  Google+: 75 folllowers ü  Instagram: 519 followers •  Blog •  Corporate Responsibility •  Reviews •  Rewards points
  13. 13. Competitive Analysis Eat24 Order Food Delivery & Takeout •  To keep you from having to cook, shop or wear pants. Eat24.com. Order today, leftovers tomorrow. Did you just solve dinner twice? Yes you did. •  Voted Best Food Delivery App •  Coupon code push notifications •  25K+ restaurants in over 1000 cities •  PayPal, Yelp Reviews Sign in with Google •  Website •  Digital presence on: ü  Twitter: 37,400 Followers ü  Instagram: 10,058 followers ü  Google plus: 800 followers ü  Facebook: Account closed on March 27th http://blog.eat24.com/breakup-letter-to-facebook- from-eat24/ ü  Pinterest •  Blog •  24 hours live chat and order status support •  Eat24 hours VIP program •  Eat24 Notes
  14. 14. Competitive Analysis Foodler •  Foodler makes online ordering of take-out and delivery food from local restaurants quick and easy! •  Website •  Digital presence in Facebook and Twitter: ü  Twitter: 1687 followers ü  Facebook: 74,267 likes, 3,708 •  Redeem Points •  Gift cards •  Exclusive restaurant ratings •  Free Delivery with minimum $15 delivery •  Gift card •  Mobile App
  15. 15. Create Brand Awareness Promote engaging content utilizing proper digital platforms Promote user generate content utilizing crowdsourcing marketing Centralize customer service in Twitter profile Active presence in Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube including CTA Drive Acquisition Grow Community Scale Word of mouth Increase partnership and membership Increase Purchase Frequency and Loyalty Drive Loyalty Discounts based on customer loyalty Rewards points to subscriptions and meal oders Objectives Goals Strategies         Establish social extensions for all acquisition activities Digital Social Media Strategy
  16. 16. Strategy Create brand awareness that boosts interaction and experience–sharing among users. Seamless digital platforms will be the Channel to Drive Acquisition while increasing Brand Loyalty
  17. 17. Content Strategy •  Create relevant and engagement content stories that will encourage the audience to interact and participate in the conversation •  The audience will be encouraged to share their online food delivery experience by storytelling •  Words such as “Simply”, “24/7”, “Service” “Caring”, “Experience”, “Simply “Delivery” would be use to create stories across social media platforms. This way, these words will resonated in customers mind
  18. 18. Twitter Strategy •  Promote #hashtags that correspond to contest and customer service utilizing #AskSeamlessCS to filter customer complaints and services •  Twitter will be the hub for customer support while revealing discount offers and Seamless related news •  The content team will be encouraged to respond within 10-15 minutes to complaints and comments on posts •  Reach and follow food connoisseurs influencers •  Leverage from their expertise and network to promote Seamless partnership •  Drive traffic to Pinterest dashboard galleries •  Integrated Twitter signup option within the website •  Migrate FB users to twitter given that most of the FB user generate content are complaints in addition to the Facebook Zero Phenomenon (refer to source) Source: https://social.ogilvy.com/facebook-zero-considering-life-after-the-demise-of-organic-reach/
  19. 19. •  Recognize most foodies influencers posting their online food delivery habits •  Recipes of different cuisines, “Five minute Cook” Video Series •  Short videos showing the experience need for ordering for food delivery online •  Brief videos promoting Seamless partners network •  Word of mouth •  Awareness •  Promote Youtube content in Twitter and other platforms Youtube & Instagram Strategies Youtube Instagram •  Publish branded high resolution content •  Publish content by food category and cuisine •  Leverage food influencers accounts to promote seamless •  Publish exclusive restaurants dishes to incentivize its ordering •  Create contests utilizing relevant #hastaghs to create UGC
  20. 20. •  Create an account that will display different types of cuisine dashboards •  Each dashboard will offer particular dishes that can be order through Seamless •  Dashboards will also display best dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner suggestions •  Feature recipes linking to seamless blog posts Pinterest Strategy
  21. 21. Loyalty Program Strategy •  Redeem Delivery Points for every dollar spend on seamless web and mobile •  Points will be redeem for gift cards, services subscriptions, among others… •  Treat the “loyal” customer with free delivery once a month depending on his/hers numbers or orders •  Create weekly discount coupons •  The program will allow to create word of mouth and incentive membership increase
  22. 22. Recommendations •  Engage with audience, responsive to fans comments on all Social Media platforms •  Create entertaining and engaging videos utilizing influencers •  Establish human voice and tone for the brand by increasing engagement during weekends and business hours •  Develop Instagram contests to create user generated content •  Use strategically FB, TW, and Instagram profiles considering their respective objectives per channel •  Establish cohesive and consistent messaging that is audience specific and can span across various channels •  Create a Pinterest account to leverage visual imagery and website integration •  Use of email-marketing and social media platforms to inform users about new restaurants partnerships, and weekly discounts
  23. 23. Budget Allocation •  Social Media Strategy: $5,000 to $7,000 monthly •  Content development: $3,000 to $5,000 monthly. •  Social Media Mgt: $3,000-$5,000 approx. monthly. •  Monitoring tools: Range from $10 to $5,000 monthly. Source: http://www.clickz.com/clickz/column/2234878/how-to-effectively-budget-your-social-media-program-in-2013
  24. 24. Content Organic Audience Interactions Viral audience RESULTS |  Measurement  –  Process  steps   Next steps Measurement – KPIs by Process Step and by Channel
  25. 25. •  Categories  of   content  posted   (recipes,  cuisine,     breakfast,  dinner,   lunch  op8ons)     •   Types  of  content   posted  (photo,   CTA  links)     •    Unique  and  total   impressions  directly   generated  by  content   on  the  brand’s  page   in  a  certain  period.     •    Unique  and  total   impressions  directly   generated  by  content   on  partner  profiles  or   pages  in  a  certain   period.         •  Comments;     •  Shares;     •  Pins  on  different   dashboards         •  Unique  and  total   impressions  generated   via  likes,  comments,   shares,  posts  on  the   wall,  or  tags.   •    Improved  access   and  interac8on   metrics  recorded  by   the  channel   (measured  via   Google  Analy8cs  in   case  of  customized   tabs)     •   Access  to  the  site   or  other  promoted   URL     •     Users  followers     Content Organic Audience Interactions Viral Audience RESULTS |  Measurement  –  KPIs  by  Process  Step  and  by  Channel*   *  Board  above  shows  a  few  examples  of  the  main  indicators  used.  Other  variables  are  available  and  can  be  used  to  evaluate   channel  performance.   Next steps - Pinterest Measurement – KPIs by Process Step and by Channel*
  26. 26. •  Categories  of   content  posted   (ins8tu8onal,   aspira8onal,   service,  publicity,   etc.)     •   Types  of  content   posted  (links,   videos,  photos,   etc.)     •    Unique  and  total   impressions  directly   generated  by  content   on  the  brand’s  page   in  a  certain  period.     •    Unique  and  total   impressions  directly   generated  by  content   on  partner  profiles  or   pages  in  a  certain   period.    •  Likes;     •  Comments;     •  Shares;     •  Posts  on  the  Wall       •   Tags  on  photos  or   text         •  Unique  and  total   impressions  generated   via  likes,  comments,   shares,  posts  on  the   wall,  or  tags.   •    Improved  access   and  interac8on   metrics  recorded  by   the  channel   (measured  via   Google  Analy8cs  in   case  of  customized   tabs)     • Media  consump8on   (e.g.:  video  views)     •   Access  to  the  site   or  other  promoted   URL     •   Par8cipa8ons  in   promo8ons   •   Users  registered   •   Sales  leveraged  by   the  channel   Content Organic Audience Interactions Viral Audience RESULTS |  Measurement  –  KPIs  by  Process  Step  and  by  Channel*   *  Board  above  shows  a  few  examples  of  the  main  indicators  used.  Other  variables  are  available  and  can  be  used  to  evaluate   channel  performance.   Next steps - Instagram Measurement – KPIs by Process Step and by Channel *
  27. 27. •  Categories  of   content  posted   (ins8tu8onal,   aspira8onal,     service,  publicity,   etc.)     •   Types  of  content   posted  (links,   videos,  photos,   etc.)   •   Customer  service   response     •  Number  of   followers  on  the   brand’s  profile.     •    Number  of   followers  on   partners’  profiles.     •     Retweets     •  Men8ons     •  Replies     •  Use  of  specific   hashtags     •  Direct  Messages   •  Customer  Support       •  Users  poten8ally   impacted  via  RTs,   men8ons,  replies,  and   hashtags.       •  Media   consump8on  (e.g.:   video  views)     •   Access  to  the  site   or  other  promoted   URL     •   Par8cipa8ons  in   promo8ons   •   Users  registered   •   Sales  leveraged  by   the  channel   • Improved  access   and  interac8on   metrics  recorded  by   the  channel     Content Organic Audience Interactions Viral Audience |  Measurement  –  KPIs  by  Process  Step  and  by  Channel*   RESULTS *  Board  above  shows  a  few  examples  of  the  main  indicators  used.  Other  variables  are  available  and  can  be  used  to  evaluate   channel  performance.   Next steps - Twitter Measurement – KPIs by Process Step and by Channel*
  28. 28. •  Categories  of   content  posted   (ins8tu8onal,  user   generated   content,  Call  to   ac8on  invi8ng  fans   to  migrate  to   TwiQer  profile  for   customer  support   and  news     •   Types  of  content   posted  (photos,   blog  posts)     •    Unique  and  total   impressions  directly   generated  by  content   on  the  brand’s  page   in  a  certain  period.     •    Unique  and  total   impressions  directly   generated  by  content   on  partner  profiles  or   pages  in  a  certain   period.    •  Likes;     •  Comments;     •  Shares;     •  Posts  on  the  Wall         •  Unique  and  total   impressions  generated   via  likes,  comments,   shares,  posts  on  the   wall,  or  tags.   •    Increase   Instagram  and   TwiQer  engagement   with  FB  users       •   Access  to  the  site   or  other  promoted   URL     •   Faster  response  in   twiQer   •   Customer  service   migrated  to  TwiQer   •     Ability  to  transfer   FB  Budget  to  others   plaTorms  and  digital   inni8a8ves     Content Organic Audience Interactions Viral Audience RESULTS |  Measurement  –  KPIs  by  Process  Step  and  by  Channel*   *  Board  above  shows  a  few  examples  of  the  main  indicators  used.  Other  variables  are  available  and  can  be  used  to  evaluate   channel  performance.   Next steps - Facebook Measurement – KPIs by Process Step and by Channel* Key objective: Migrate FB users to Twitter and Instagram accounts
  29. 29. THANK YOU