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The Uniqueness of the Cerealogy E-Juice

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During the e-juice revolution after the technological improvements in the smoking industry by the Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik-his inspiration came from the death of his father to a devastating lung cancer disease.

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The Uniqueness of the Cerealogy E-Juice

  1. 1. The Uniqueness of the Cerealogy E-Juice
  2. 2. The e-juice is meant to be used with an e-cigarette (short for an electronic cigarette) that is designed to contain a heating element within the chamber where the e-liquid or the e-fluid is poured into. The fluid is then aerosolized by the heat. The user then inhales this aerosol (defined as the suspension of tiny particles of liquid, solid or both in a gas).
  3. 3. This came with major health advantages that entail the reduction of the concentration of toxic materials that were previously found or are still present in the traditional tobacco smoke. This, however, posed a danger to the active user and the passive bystander.
  4. 4. During this period, many companies came up to take positions in the market. They used and still use to this day a chemical composition mixture of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and varying levels of nicotine strengths to suit customer needs and improve customer service delivery by manufacturing different flavors. One of these flavors is the Cerealogy E-Juice who products are not just about any kind but is purely 100% based on cereals.
  5. 5. Here countless hours were put into perfection before the sale of the products since the objective is not to have just a cereal- flavored liquid added to an already large e-juice line up. As a result, some of the basic challenges experienced in the traditional smoking sessions, for example, bad breathe due to the tobacco, have been done away with since the aerosol is now flavored in a variety of products to enhance customer choice.
  6. 6. Products • Cerealogy E-juice is a premium vape that is crafted to remind you of your best morning breakfast cereals. Some of the premium products from this company include: El Captain which is a berry filled flavor with a creamy exhale in every puff,Apple Smax which delivers mirroring the apple-cinnamon flavored oats, Chef’s Crunch transposes an individual to the mental insights of a chef in the kitchen preparing a cinnamon-sugar flavor that you will be begging for in a matter of seconds and finally 2Canz that gives you a flight all the way sugary in creamy milk i.e. it is a fruity breakfast treat.
  7. 7. Final Thoughts • With changing customer needs, the competition gets tough and as the old saying goes “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”, then at times the manufacture of products that maintain safety standards of the clients they are meant to server becomes a challenge. However, with an e-juice line up of products 100% based on cereals would be the most appealing choice for a customer anxious about safety. However, with that said, customer needs vary and thus the choice of product.
  8. 8. Source • Address: Berkshire Mall, 1665 State Hill Rd, Wyomissing, PA 19610. • Phone: 610-376-8661 • Email: orders@cerealogyejuice.com • Website: cerealogyejuice.com