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Italian mid term report

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Make me a European Italian mid term report

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Italian mid term report

  1. 1. MAKE ME A EUROPEAN Mid term report year 1- RESULTS 2015/2016 STUDENTS In our curriculum students o study the European countries and the European Union as an institution IN the II year Thanks to this project we have been able to present Europe in a more direct and personal way, and they have felt Europe as something real, a world of people to whom the y can relate Through the study of the CHARTER OF FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS they have discovered ideas and values they can relate to After watching the video “Make me a German” we have tried to understand the word Stereotypes and we have tried to understand what are the stereotypes about 1. Italian, British, German and Croat and Cypriots 2. We have talked about Poland and decided to prepare a short story of Italy to explain nowadays Italy They are now working with their History teachers to prepare a video presentation to be used during the Italian mobility 3. While appreciating all the information coming from our partners they have learn how to appreciate their Italian roots and recognize the foreign influence existing in our society THE FAMILIES At the beginning of the school year we have planned some assemblies with the families of all the classes involved. They have been interested and very cooperative. The families of the students who have taken part in the first two mobilities, Zagreb and Warsaw have shared their satisfaction with the teachers because their children are more motivated to learn English and they have learnt how to work effectively in international teams. Students and family who decide to attend our school know we have an international project going on and ask about it and hope thay can be part of something similar in the future. The TEACHERS The teachers involved have planned the lessons together and talked about them (cross-curricular lessons). More teachers, not only those involved in the project plan to join etwinning projects next year. History teachers are working at the moment to prepare presentation about our country to show during the mobility in Italy Because of this project many teachers in our school have decided to take an English class to improve their language therefore the school has organized two different courses for teachers only, one for beginners and one for intermediate. Our school has a consolidated IT tradition, however many new teachers have appreciated the IT tools that have been presented to us in the webinairs and are now suing them. THE SCHOOL As above mentioned many teachers have started a two year English class to improve their language skill in order to feel ready for the mobility to come Next year our school will go through a deep re-organization. We will become a comprehensive institute, united with some of the primary schools of our territory. The new schools too look at this project with interest and we hope to be able to share with them some of the good practice with are experiencing