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Past simple tense

How to use Past Simple Tense

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Past simple tense

  1. 1. PAST SIMPLE TENSE cursobuap7.blogspot.com Marjorie Mujica Salame Noviembre 2012
  2. 2. WHEN DO WE USE PAST SIMPLE TENSE? We use Past Simple Tense when we talk about completed actions in the past.Example: I washed my car yesterday. She ate pizza last night.
  3. 3. KINDS OF VERBS onlyenglishiii.blogspot.com Remember regular and irregular verbs. Turn regular verbs to the past by adding –ed or –d. Regular Verb Past Simple walk walked want wanted help helped decide decided agree agreed
  4. 4. If the verb ends with y preceded by a vowel, add –ed. If the verb ends with y preceded by a consonant, drop the y, turn it into i and add -ed. Regular Verb Past Simple play played stay Stayed study Studied bury buried Study irregular verb list.
  5. 5. KINDS OF SENTENCES IN PAST SIMPLE TENSE Affirmative sentences SUBJECT VERB IN PAST TENSE COMPLEMENT. Tom visited us last week. I ran in the competition. Negative sentences SUBJECT DIDN’T VERB IN BASE FORM COMPLEMENT. Tom didn’t visit us last week. I didn’t run in the competition.
  6. 6. KINDS OF QUESTIONS IN PAST SIMPLE Yes/No Questions DID SUBJECT VERB IN BASE FORMCOMPLEMENT? Did Tom visit you last week? Informative Questions WH WORD DID SUBJECTVERB IN BASE FORM COMPLEMENT? Where did you run last year?
  7. 7. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE USE THE VERB TO BE? Recall its past tense WAS WERE Negative Sentences Use the negative form or the contractions. Never use didn’t. WAS NOT WASN’T WERE NOT WERENT
  8. 8.  Yes/No Questions WAS / WERE SUBJECT COMPLEMENT? Was Irene in the house? Were they at the Mall? Informative QuestionsWH WORD WAS / WERE SUBJECTCOMPLEMENT? Why was Irene in the house? Where were you last night?
  9. 9. READY FOR DOING AN ACTIVITY? Complete the following sentences with the past simple tense of the verb give.1. I ______________ (go) to the movies with Ed.2. She ______________ (decide) to read the story.3. We ______________ (hurry) up doing the quiz.4. They ______________ (walk) to school.5. Sue _____________ (play) soccer.6. My dog ____________ (bury) its bone outside.
  10. 10.  Read the sentences, and rewrite them as negative sentences.1. My mom baked cookies for the party. _____________________________________2. Jim understood the exercise. ______________________________________3. We were at the concert. ______________________________________4. I was in the room with her. _______________________________________