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Szczesniak Projects portofolio_DEC_15

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Szczesniak Projects portofolio_DEC_15

  1. 1. Name: Marcin (Martin) SZCZEŚNIAK D.o.B.: 29.08.1961 Citizenship: Poland Education: 1986 Materials Engineering MSc., Warsaw University of Technology, Poland PC knowledge: MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Project) CAD: ProE, CATIA V4 / V5, Languages: English very good, German good, Russian basic Professional status: Free lance PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATES: • Packaging Engineer affiliated with EDF GmbH, Munich, Germany, (06/2011- 12/2014); • Engineer at General Electric – EDC Oil & Gas Business, Warsaw, POLAND, (03/2010-05/2011) • Advanced Projects Leader affiliated with RÜCKER-POLSKA Warsaw, POLAND, (01/2001- 12/2009); • Project Engineer at FAURECIA, Troy, Michigan, USA (05/1999 - 12/2000); • Lead Design/Project Engineer affiliated with RÜCKER-POLSKA Warsaw, POLAND, (07/1996 - 05/1999); • Design Engineer at MILLARD DESIGN Pty Ltd. Melbourne, AUSTRALIA (06/1995 - 06/1996); • Design Engineer at RÜCKER-POLSKA Warsaw, POLAND (01/1995 - 06/1995); • Design/Lead Project Engineer at RÜCKER ENGINEERING LTD, Dearborn, MI USA (01/1989 - 06/1994); • Plastic Technology Engineer at PIMOT, (Automotive Industry Institute), Warsaw, POLAND (10/1986 - 12/1988); PROJECTS PORTOFOLIO
  2. 2. AUTOMOTIVE PROJECTS 05/2011 – 12/2014: • On contract at BMW FIZ (Munich, Germany) Interior Packaging engineer responsible for integration of Dashboard and Middle-Console equipment architecture within the new 7 (G11) and X3 (G01) – series vehicles . 01/2008 - 05/2008: • On contract at AUDI AG (Ingolstadt, Germany) Advanced concept development of Dashboard and Middle- Console components for Audi A6/7 – yr. 2011. Audi A7 Interior BMW 7 (G11) Interior (ref. BILD 02.01.2015
  3. 3. AUTOMOTIVE PROJECTS 06/2008 - 02/2009: On contract as shells Module Leader at WEBASTO AG (Stockdorf, Germany) in the McLaren P11 Spyder project: from concept till first, successful prototype build. Responsibilty including conceptual development of two pieces retractable roof shells, made of plastic composite materials (SMC, CSM, Carbon) or aluminum and Tonneau (roof parking space) Cover from SMC. Evaluation of economical, technological practical and aspects of each material option. Technical verification of potential supplyiers. Leading the CAD design of shells, ensuring tight tolerance of assembly. Interfacing other Project Modules (mechanisms, seals, electronics). Participating at FEA of the roof structures, including design optimisation loops. Preparation of prototype documentation, support for prototyping supplyiers, supervising prototype assembly and stand testing of the prototype roof structure. Complete customer engineering support. Above left: X-Ray Catia model of roof and tonneau cover; Above right: prototype roof assembly on the test stand; Bottom: McLaren MP4 12-C Spyder lounched 2012
  4. 4. AUTOMOTIVE PROJECTS . 04/2007 - 10/2007: • On contract at MAGNA STEYR FAHRZEUGTECHNIK (Graz, Austria), responsible for production release of the door and closures in the AU485 project (Audi A5 – Cabrio). 06/2006 – 07/2008: • Consulting for LEOPARD AUTOMOBILE (Mielec, Poland) Preparation, design modifications, coordination and supervision of homologation procedures of the classic- roadster Leopard V8. 06/2006 - 12/2006: • On contract at WEBASTO AG (Stockdorf, Germany) Catia v4 concept design of roof shells in the advanced development of the Hyundai Cabrio-Coupe project. Leopard Audi A5 Cabrio
  5. 5. AUTOMOTIVE PROJECTS DEVELOPMENT OF THE LUGGAGE RACK SUPORTS FOR VOLVO 8700 INTERCITY BUS Year 2005 Implementation of the Finnish designed, aluminum casted, luggage rack supports in the 8700 series bus, manufactured at VOLVO-BUS-POLAND was expensive in manufacturing costs and caused high vibration of racks. PROJECT STAGES: 1) Recording vibrations in the bus; 2) Analysis of recorded data to establish natural frequency maping and implementing results into vibration FEA; 3) Designing PP+30GF injection molded brackets and checking their stresses and vibrations with FEA; Result: Problem eliminated. Magnetic force sensors placed on the roof structure; Optical engine rev. counter in action; Amplifiers and sound recorder during tests; Natural frequency graphs for two design versions of brackets in two materials: casted aluminum E=7e4MPa and polypropylene „Nepol” E=9e3MPa Natural vibrations restricted modes [upper rails restrained] Large brackets - material polypropylene „Nepol” E=9000MPa Rack’s vibrations at 80-89Hz
  6. 6. AUTOMOTIVE PROJECTS DEVELOPMENT OF THE FRONT END BODY PANEL FOR VOLVO 8700 INTERCITY BUS Years 2003 - 2004 Implementation of the Finnish designed composite front end panel of the 8700 series bus, manufactured at VOLVO-BUS-POLAND caused fitting problems and windshield cracking in service. PROJECT STAGES: 1) Measurement of the torsional behavior of the bus body and windshield opening; 2) Analysis of interactions windshield-seal-body panel; Resolution: asymmetrical windshield and material shrinkage undersized body panel cause pressure cracking of the windshield. 3) Recommendation: improved dimensional stability of body panels and gage supported mounting of the windshield. Result: Problem eliminated. 2650 mm 750 mm 2900 mm
  7. 7. AUTOMOTIVE PROJECTS 05/1999 - 12/2000 : • Project Engineer at FAURECIA, Troy, Michigan, USA, responsible for design and development of the seat structures and mechanisms for the 3rd row of 2003 Ford Expedition seats from concept to S.O.P. 09/1998 - 05/1999 • On contract at Daewoo-FSO (Warsaw, Poland), managing design conversion of the Polonez-Sedan into station wagon (left): Complete CATIA – serial documentation of body and interior components, as well as S.O.P. preparations. 05/2001 - 12/2001: • On contract at MAGNA STEYR FAHRZEUGTECHNIK (Graz, Austria), responsible for redesign of the body rear of the AUDI TT (re-location of battery to the car rear). Pic.above: left: CAD seat mechanisms, right: seat installed in the vehicle.
  8. 8. AUTOMOTIVE PROJECTS 07/1997 - 06/1998 Design engineer working at Rücker- GmbH in Ingolstadt, Germany at the interior components (dash, pillars, middle console) of SAMAND vehicle. 06/1996 - 03/1997 Project leader working at Rücker- Polska in Warsaw, Poland at the interior components (dash, pillars, side panels) of the Daewoo Motor Poland Lublin II 3,5t van, Complete CATIA – serial documentation of body and interior components, as well as S.O.P. preparations.
  9. 9. AUTOMOTIVE PROJECTS 05/1995 - 06/1996 Design engineer on contract at the Ford Research & Development Center in Melbourne, Australia working the 1998 Ford Falcon (AU); Responsibility: HVAC components in the dash. 09/1990 - 06/1994 Design engineer on contract of Lear Seating Co. At the seats production design project for Ford Windstar 1994; from 01/1992 Project leader on contract of Ford Motor Co. In the R&D of magnesium – casting – seat structure with integrated restraints system. PICTURES: Top: Ford Falcon AU 1998 Bottom: Magnesium seat structure, seat mounted in the vehicle, seat at a display
  10. 10. RAILWAY PROJECTS CONFERENCE COACHES 507/508A 11/2005 - 05/2006 and 01/2007 - 05/2007: RESPONSIBILITY: Project leader in the interior design and development of the conference coaches 507A and 508A, on contract of the PKP-Intercity (Polish Railways). PROJECT CONTENT: • Styling of the interior; • Design for the GRP technology; • Production supervision – GRP components – tool design and recommendation to buy-out-parts (i.e. lights, flooring, seats, kitchen equipment); • Delivery and installation coordination for over 200 different GRP-components at the customer site. PICTURES: Top: General Layout coach 507A Bottom : Interior of the 508A coach – Render and reality Top: CATIA – design coach 507A bottom : Interior of the 507A coach – after installation
  11. 11. RAILWAY PROJECTS REFURBISHMENT OF PULLMAN AND RESTAURANT COACHES01/2003 - 05/2005: RESPONSIBILITY: Project management in the concept development, design, manufacturing and installation of interior components of the refurbished Bautzen (GDR) build, Pullman and Restaurant coaches. PROJECT RESPONSIBILITY: • Detailed styling development of the interior; • Design and technological concept of the GRP interior components; • Supervision GRP – Tool design and selection of the entire variety of buy-out-parts (i.e. lights, flooring, seats, kitchen equipment); • Manufacturing coordination of ca. 200 different GRP-interior decoration components, managing their delivery and installation supervision at the customer site. PICTURES: Far top: General layouts Left: Alias – styling proposals above: CATIA-designed parts; parts for shipment Right: Interior of coaches after completion
  12. 12. RAILWAY PROJECTS H665 – BOGIE – DESIGN OPTIMIZATION PICTURES: Left: Strain gages placed on bogie in the most troubled areas; Top-right: Measurement equipment installed for running tests of the bogie; Bottom-right: FEA-van Misses stress picture. 09/2002 - 12/2004 RESPONSIBILITY: Project management in the design and development of bogie H665 optimization project. PROJECT CONTENT: • Material- and cracking analysis; • Load recording during running rail tests; • Advanced FEA of the bogie in the relation to recorded data; • Design and technological changes and improvements;
  13. 13. RAILWAY PROJECTS TRAM REFURBISHMENT PROJECT 01/2002 - 09/2003 RESPONSIBILITY: Project Leader in the refurbishment project of the 105N (Alstom-Konstal-Poland) city-tram body, on contract of the PROTRAM-WROCLAW (Poland) PROJECT CONTENT: • Styling proposals (low-cost-technology); • Customer-driven design; • Ergonomic analysis, CATIA-design; • GRP – Technology optimized; PICTURES: Top: styling proposals; selected version. Bottom: Ergonomic analysis of the cabin; Refurbishment in the workshop; Project completed.