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Digital city project preso

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Digital city project preso

  1. 1. Digital City programA system for Creating Jobs
  2. 2. Jobs aren’t what they used to be…• Can’t create enough NEW Jobs fast enough• Old model = 40 hours, go to office• New model = freelance, work at home, virtual• Computers are new hammer or screwdriver• How many freelancers?
  3. 3. Hi-tech industry doesn’t care• Digital Divide is not just solved by: – Free laptops, Net access and MS Office classes• Digital Divide is really about: – Fear of computers, Fear of change• Solution: – Get people to feel COMFORTABLE using computers as their tools to make a living – Jobs for NORMAL people! NOW!
  4. 4. A System to create Jobs• Hybrid of Technology and Sociology: – Community engagement – Sponsored projects – Open Software Platform• Don’t just offer the tools, make sure they USE the tools!• Normal people get value from on-line tech• Reoccurring, sustainable model
  5. 5. Simultaneous execution• Meta – A worldwide system, mothership has the I.P.• Entrepreneurial – A local subsidiary in a city or region• Community – Projects – Specific projects that pay for the Jobs• Individual – How it effects each person
  6. 6. Disseminating Educational Methodology
  7. 7. New kind of workforce training• Provide Intermediate and Advanced courses – Pick up where beginning classes leave off• Create local cyber-savvy workforce• ONLY work with the best and brightest!
  8. 8. 3 kinds of workers on one Project• Professionals – Lead project, mentor those below• College educated, under-employed – Get a chance to put their skills – to work• Un-employed, Students, Interns – A chance at a good job – which they’ll enjoy
  9. 9. 3 sources of funding• Government, Foundations – Altruistic workforce training – Make government money more efficient• Sponsored Projects – By “socially conscious enterprises”• Platform revenues – Investment into the Platform and company
  10. 10. Lots of Revenue opportunities• Viral marketing campaigns – for hire• Premium subscriptions• Marketplace %• Additional Video Help time• Personal Cloud services• Data Mining• Upsell media and webmercial services• SWAG, Event tickets
  11. 11. Bridge Disconnect between Government and it’s Citizens• New PPP (Public-Private Partnerships) model• Involve Citizens in many ways• Provide REAL value and benefits• Create JOBS for NORMAL people!
  12. 12. An integrated system New methodology – uses on-line tools and points Video Help Desk Workshops Education Internships Points On-line skills Focus on intangible skills needed for freelance workers
  13. 13. An integrated systemAll projects sponsored Interns placed into Learn by doingby local brands on-going projects Biz Videos Directory Projects Education Games Sites Visualizations Train Trainers to Train
  14. 14. An integrated system Build trust in the neighborhoodsCitizens clusteraround Projectsand Events Marketplace Tech Support Community Projects Education Engagement Live events - “Content” - Citizens support - Provide free tech support channels flow new ways of learning to community orgs - Trickle down effect - Support individual freelancers
  15. 15. An integrated system Channels Aggregate:All activity - Content Social Medialeverages freeopen on-line - People Help deskplatform - Services Marketplace Biz Directory Community Projects Education Engagement Platform
  16. 16. An integrated system Entrepreneurial - Jobs CommunityProjects Education Engagement Platform
  17. 17. Open Software Infrastructure platform• Built-in training curriculum• Real-time Video Help• Community Activity streams• Online marketplace, Job board• Community Timeline• Community Media Channels
  18. 18. Balance between Altruistic & For-profit• Free Community Engagement programs – Workforce training and Paid Internships – Live events and Senior Citizen interviews – Multimedia newsletters – Entrepreneurial activities• Free On-line services: – 24/7 Video Help – On-line Marketplace and Business Directory – Community Tech Support
  19. 19. Lots of Multimedia projects• Apps, Games, Promotions• Simulations, Visualizations• Business Directory Webmercials• Interactive Encyclopedias
  20. 20. ROI model: Digital City market• Pick up where HW Infrastructure leaves off• Market currently $14B a year – Broadband Infrastructure – Smartgrid – Security cameras – N.O.C.s• Market estimated to grow to $50B+ by 2016• We show what to do WITH the bandwidth
  21. 21. The Business of “Digital Economy Ecosystems”• Entrepreneurial culture• Online job market• Not just for companies, but individuals• Support Independent workers, freelancers• Collaboration, Communication, Commerce
  22. 22. Digital City Mechanics• Working towards this for 20 years – (Odaiba, MediaBar, Trieste, SuperBowl XXXII, NOW.com, Blogging, Open Social Networking)• Helped build an industry before – (MacroMind -Macromedia)• Open standards – (RSS, OpenID, OAuth)• Let’s do it in KC!
  23. 23. DCM puts the deals together• Build syndicate of local investors and stakeholders• Create local subsidiary, own 51% of entity – 49% = local investors, execs and staff• Create accompanying 501c3• Identify local industry to sponsor MM projects• Global brands sponsor viral campaigns - gain access to authentic hyper-local vendors and customers – via our Biz Directory• Setup and operate Bureaus and on-line Mktplace – offer community free services• Customize Citizen Dashboard to the City or Region
  24. 24. DCM I.P.• Recreateable processses and procedures• Community engagement templates• Courseware and documentation• Dashboard spec leadership• Open source code, license for commerical usage• Worldwide brand recognition• New trend setter• Sustainable engine, reoccurring
  25. 25. Mothership revenues • Management fees • Data Mining • Design and Architecture • Customization • On-going license fees