Heroconf : Growing Your PPC Program

Digital Marketing Consultant um The University of British Columbia
28. Apr 2014

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Heroconf : Growing Your PPC Program

  1. Successfully Scaling to a Global PPC Program in 9 Months without The Wheels Falling Off Marc Bitanga
  2. Marc Bitanga Manager, Customer Acquisition @marcbitanga • SEM • SEO & Inbound Marketing • Digital Media About Me
  3. Top Brands Trust HootSuite
  5. We’re Also Known for our “HootBus” at SXSW
  6. The Backstory… It Started 9 Months Ago with $165 Million
  7. Our Objective: GROW!
  8. 5 Continents 28 Countries 13 Languages 6 Dialects A Team of 2 Who Only Speaks English.Go! Our Challenge
  9. To Go Global. Our PPC Program Needed To Be This.
  10. But At The Time. We Were More Like This.
  11. Banda Regular, Size 40 on top of a dark photoMonth 1 Assessment: Solid Foundation With Some Work To Do
  12. Month 1 - Our Team Looked Like This One Digital Media Specialist US Agency Landing Page Designer Analysts Customer Acquisition Team Conversion Optimization Team Analytics Team
  13. 2000+ AdWords ad groups (US) Only 75 landing pages in UnBounce Just a Few Landing Pages Too Many Ad Groups. Not Enough Landing Pages. Very Targeted Ad Groups Broadly Targeted Landing Pages
  14. Used Display Ads For Click- through Conversions
  15. 100% Last Click Attribution Missed Out On Growth Opportunities. This Guy Got All the Credit
  16. We Needed to Evolve
  17. Revamped Our SEM Campaign Structure Branded Non-Branded Tier 1 Non-Branded Tier 2 Non-Branded Tier 3 Competitor
  18. Categorized Non-Branded into Campaign Tiers • HootSuiteBranded • Social Management Dashboard Non-Brand Tier 1 (vanity KWs) • Automate Tweet Non-Brand Tier 2 (targeted KWs) • B2B Twitter Non-Brand Tier 3 (moderately targeted KWs)
  19. Revamped Our Campaigns Before After
  20. Added Critical People to Our Team • A Number of Digital Media Specialists! • EMEA/LATAM Agency • AsiaPac Agency • Conversion Project Manager • Landing Page Designer • Copywriter • Developer • A Room Full of Analysts! Customer Acquisition Team Conversion Optimization Team Analytics Team
  21. Implemented Daily Dashboards Across Regions
  22. Went From Ad-hoc To Scheduled Campaign Optimization
  23. Added New Tools Before
  24. Added New Tools After
  25. Partnered With Agencies In EMEA, LatAm, & AsiaPac
  26. • Agencies hard to source from North America • Your $$$ spread over many languages isn’t profitable for agencies • Us vs. Them mentality Some Challenges Going Global
  27. Remember Those Revamped Campaigns? We Replicated The Structure Globally.
  28. Banda Regular, Size 40 on top of a dark photoMonth 9 Assessment: Significantly Better
  29. The Result After 9 Months? How did we do?
  30. Significant Growth In New Users. Our CAC Also Declined By 1%! - New Users - CAC
  31. Top 5 Tips to Help You Grow Your PPC Program
  32. #1 – Empower Your PPC Team! Your PPC Team Red Tape
  33. • Full-Stack Production & Analytics Team • Fail Fast Mentality: Test, Test, Test • Leadership Advocacy What Works for Us
  34. #2 – Use Modified Broad KWs + Hundreds Of Negatives KWs Long Tail Traffic
  35. • Regular Negative Keyword Culls Keep Bad Traffic At Bay • Ensures We Don’t Miss A Major Segment Of Keywords • Turn Winners into Exact Match Long Tail Keywords for The WIN!
  36. #3 - Improve Processes. Ensure Each Campaign Gets Some Attention
  37. • Frequency of Keyword Culls • Frequency of Ad Testing • Frequency of Landing Page Tests Create an Optimization Calendar
  38. #4 - In The Short Term: Scale & Automate As Much As You Can
  39. • Duplicate what works in one region to another • Dynamic Keyword Insertion in Ads & Landing Pages • Have a Portfolio of Landing Page Templates Scale & Automate!
  40. #5 - Don’t Underestimate Organization, Communication & Project Management
  41. • Standardize Evaluation; Common Metrics & Campaign Structure Globally; • Basecamp Project Portal • Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly Reviews & Status Updates Organization & Communication
  42. That’s Our Story, Thank You! Any Questions? Twitter: @marcbitanga