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for contributing
to VGI* projects
Research Group Cartography
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Barriers for Contributing to VGI projects

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Poster for the 26th International Cartographic Conference

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Barriers for Contributing to VGI projects

  1. 1. BARRIERS for contributing to VGI* projects FORSCHUNGSGRUPPE KARTOGRAPHIE Research Group Cartography RESEARCH GROUP CARTOGRAPHY Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation 62% nevercontributed 19% 14%Of all registered members of OSM... 89%of all changesets 9% 2% created 5% Data from Neis & Zipf [2012] *What isVGI? VGI is short forVolunteered Geographic Information – a term coined by Michael Good- child [2007] to describe the creation of geographic data outside of professional routines. Examples for VGI projects are OpenStreetMap or Google Map Maker. In our study, we concentrate on OpenStreetMap (OSM). WHY? They found OSM interesting enough to register. Why did they not contribute? To find out about barriers for contributing we conducted an online survey in February 2013. Here is who participated according to experience level and gender: 0 50 100 150 200 250 I don‘t know OSM (n=33) I know OSM, but I never contributed (n=169) I have an OSM account, but I hardly ever contributed (n=56) I used to be active, but I am not anymore (n=43) I am currently active in OSM (n=215) Numberofparticipants females n/a males These are the groups we asked about barriers for not contributing (anymore) 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Unfriendly or hostile communication. Edits are not visible on the map. I lost interest in the aims of OSM. Help and support are insufficient/confusing. Lack of communication/interaction with community members. I am afraid to do something wrong. In my work/project I don't need OSM anymore. Editing is too complex. I forgot about it. Map seems complete in my area. Contributing is too time consuming. Percentage No significant differences between the three experience-groups were found. The results also indicate no gender-related differences. Many thanks to the OpenStreetMap community and all participants of our online survey! References Goodchild, M.F. (2007) Citizens as sensors:The world of volunteered geography. GeoJournal 2007, 69, 211–221. Neis, P., & Zipf,A. (2012) Analyzing the contributor activ- ity of a volunteered geographic information project—The case of OpenStreetMap. ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, 1(2), 146-165. Manuela Schmidt, Silvia Klettner Vienna University of Technology Renate Steinmann Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft Poster by @lesewesen http://cartography.tuwien.ac.at/fem2map/ This study was kindly supported by the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) within the research program FEMtech fFORTE. Here are the weighted answers to what might motivate them to contribute (again) Moreprofileoptions (e.g.networkingandsharing) Improved help and support options Positive feedback / rewards for editing Mapping with other people, indoors Mapping with other people, outdoors A more user-friendly interface Dedicated tutorial for beginners Lesstime-consuming mappingsolutions(e.g.smartphoneapp) Mapping for a dedicated purpose(e.g. crisis mapping)