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Rp Interactive About Us 2.0

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Rp Interactive About Us 2.0

  1. 1. About Revenue Performance InteractiveRP Interactive is a full-service creative Internet marketing agency founded in 1999 andheadquartered in Orlando, Florida. We have a reputation for seamlessly combining forwardthinking, hard work, and branding expertise with intelligent marketing strategies to deliverresults.Our dedicated RP Interactive team consists of 17 full-time professionals who are experts inthe travel and hospitality industries. Each staff member brings specific skills to the tableand together we create innovative solutions that generate awareness for your brand anddrive revenue to your business.Our Strategic MethodDrawing inspiration from past successes and trusted industry resources keeps uspassionate about what we do. Be warned: we don’t believe you should settle for boringadvertising copy, ineffective social media campaigns, or ho-hum website design.We do believe that by digging deeper – and utilizing unique, buzz-worthy content – we canboost your online presence, sell your services, and promote your brand’s distinct identity.How We WorkRP Interactive’s exceptional ability to focus on each client individually is the key to oursuccess.We approach your business as if it were our own, so when you make us part of yourInternet strategy, our team starts by asking the hard questions. We’ve learned that thesequestions often hold the answers we need to gain valuable insight into your sellingposition.As a new client, you will receive: • Initial Strategy Meeting • SWOT Analysis/Recommendations • Customized monthly Action Plan • Evaluation of your current online strategy against your future goals • Key Competitor Analysis • Strategic implementation of online marketing tactics
  2. 2. Why Choose RP Interactive? 1. Objective, strategic approach. Driving your business goals is the focus of everything we do. 2. Over 25 years of direct hospitality experience on staff. We are passionate about what our clients do because we’ve also invested ourselves heavily in the travel and hospitality industries, exploring unique approaches in existing and potential markets. 3. Boutique size. We produce high-quality solutions while quickly responding to your questions. 4. Trustworthy team. When we promise something, we deliver it. 5. No billing surprises. All charges are mutually agreed upon and never change from the original agreement unless you request additions. 6. Passion for building client relationships. The phrase “we can’t do that” is not in our vocabulary!Our Areas of ExpertiseInteractive Digital Media Design• Search Engine Optimization • Custom Website Design• Search Engine Marketing • Landing Pages• Optimized Press Releases • Custom Social Profile Design• Reputation Management• Competitor Research Online Branding• Content Strategy • Corporate Identity & Branding• Local Search Marketing • Integrated Marketing Plans• Analytics ReportingSocial Media Marketing Email Marketing• Strategy & Positioning • Database Management• Management • e-Newsletter Campaigns• Insight/Monitoring • List Rental• Performance Evaluations • DesignMedia Buying• Search Engines• Banners/Paid Links• Ad Networks
  3. 3. Consulting & Professional Speaking • Analysis of your current online strategy with recommendations • Feasibility study assistance with a focus on the online channels • Create strategy for Asset Managers to develop online revenue:Invite us to your next conference or event – we love sharing our extensiveexperience in everything from Search Engine Marketing to Social Media Campaigns!Key Client Industries Hotels & Resorts  Convention/Visitors’ Bureaus Restaurants  Hotel Management Companies Casinos  Corporate Restaurant & Hotel Headquarters Conference CentersNotable ClientsRP Interactive proudly serves some of the world’s most-recognizable brands, includingprestigious five-star resorts and top United States restaurants. But whether you are part ofa small independent location, or a large national chain, our creative ideas and commitmentto your ROI remain strong.
  4. 4. About Our CEO & FounderGordon Liametz has over 27 years of involvement in the hospitality industry, and 10 yearsof digital marketing experience. Since founding RP Interactive 12 years ago, he has led theagency through tremendous growth, becoming an industry leader himself in the process.As a hospitality management veteran, Gordon began his career managing conferenceservices and directing sales initiatives. He has worked with high-profile companiesincluding Hilton, Radisson, and Choice Hotels.As a professional speaker, Gordon frequently guest speaks at Hospitality Sales andMarketing Association International (HSMAI) events, including the HSMAI Digital MarketingSeries.Working directly with diverse markets such as hospitality, tourism, travel, corporategroups, and online travel agencies, Gordon provides RP Interactive with critical insight intostrategic initiatives that drive website visitors, conversions, and ROI.A Final WordRP Interactive has a proven record of developing effective digital marketing plans thatresult in increased website traffic and client profit. Our experience with Search EngineOptimization, online advertising, social media marketing, and a relentless commitment toboosting our clients’ online presence make us the right choice for you.Because no one knows us better than the people we serve every day, we invite you toreach out to our current clients and hear what they have to say about us. We will gladlyprovide you with a list of our current and past clients – just say the word and it’s yours!Call us today at 407-909-9036 or email Gordon Liametz directly atgordon@revenueperformance.com for more information about RP Interactive.