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Spacious SG Maxi Cab 9 Seater

SG Maxi cab 9 seater is very comfortable and spacious and has a large space for luggage. If you going outstation then this will be the good option for you to book. For booking click on this link http://bit.ly/2juzhLU or call at 6586852942

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Spacious SG Maxi Cab 9 Seater

  1. 1. SG MAXI CAB Explore Singapore with SG Maxi Cab
  2. 2. Introduction of SG Maxi Cab SG Maxi Cab first introduces in October 2016 with its 50 maxi cabs in Singapore. Our Foundation was not so diverse but our team’s hard work and dedication helps us to climb at the highest and respected position in taxi services in Singapore. We don’t let our clients upset or feel bad while taking ride with any of our maxi taxi services.
  3. 3. Our rates are very  Reasonable And  Affordable We Offer many discounts on booking our services. 7 seaters 9 seaters 13 seaters Point to point $55 Point to point $65 Point to point $70 Airport arrival $65 Airport arrival $70 Airport arrival $80 Hourly charter $110 Hourly charter $120 Hourly charter $130
  4. 4. WELL PROFESSIONAL DRIVERS Our drivers having many years of experience in driving. They are very polite and are of friendly nature.
  5. 5. CONTACT US SG Maxi cab booking is very easy and simple. To Book any of our services just click on this link http://bit.ly/2juzhLU “OR” Call our Customer Support : +65 86852942