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High standard quality machines for f&b business.

we ensure you that you will get the high standard quality products for your food and beverage packaging.
The laser is all through the very reliable service provider in Singapore.
For more info about our products visit our page http://www.lasersp.com/ or call us at Tel: (65) 9457 2801

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High standard quality machines for f&b business.

  1. 1. “A Company That You Can RELY On”
  2. 2. Who Are We? We are one of the most trusted & reputed Packing Machines for food and beverages provider in Singapore. Started our services in Singapore from 1994.
  3. 3. How we help our clients in running their business successfully? We provide our clients a large number of products & services for food and beverage packaging. One stop solution for food & beverage packaging needs. Wide range of equipment's.
  4. 4. Description Of Our Products At Laser, We have a large number of Equipment’s that we supply to our clients in making there business better.
  5. 5. CUP SEALING MACHINES • User-friendly • Enhanced Security • Suitable for all types of materials • Automatic Cup jack • Error code Display
  6. 6. TRAY SEALING MACHINES Features •PLC with Index Gear Conveyor •Screen touch operations. •Stainless steel frame •Sealing •Bordering cut. •Automatic
  7. 7. Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine Features Fully automatic Auto wrapping Small or medium volume packaging Multiple size packaging
  8. 8. OUR CONCEPTS Fruit Juice
  9. 9. Fruit cutter
  10. 10. Wrapper’s
  11. 11. Service & Maintenance One stop solution for all your need of service Quick and fast service Reliable 24*7 service available
  12. 12. CONTACT US