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Best Platform For all Quality Product

JD Technology Pte Ltd. is the one and only platform where you will get all type of corporate gifts which you can't find in the market. The service quality and genuineness makes JD a leading corporate gift suppliers in Singapore.

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Best Platform For all Quality Product

  1. 1. JD Technology Pte Ltd Fulfilling the Wish of every corporate gifts need.
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION JD Technology Pre Ltd. Started their service to full fill all the promotional needs of corporate gifts for their clients. We specialized in the field of corporate gifting since 1986 and providing the unique and best corporate gifts to our clients. We have gone through many up and downs to reach at the top position in Corporate gifts supply in Singapore. Our clients are very satisfied from our services and we always try our best to maintain the quality and standard of our products.
  3. 3. Why Choose Us First of all we at JD always ensures to cater best service for you. Here Some of the key points why to choose us, I’m mentioning I. Best quality II. On time delivery of products III. One stop shopping solution IV. Commitment to provide you best products V. Follow the trend VI. Creativity VII.A Global premium network
  4. 4. Our Products • Bag • Desktop Accessories • Drinkware • Golf Accessories • Hotel & Room Amenities • Household Gifts • IT Gadgets • Leather Gifts • Lifestyle Products • Outdoor • Pen • Portfolios & Folders • Stationery • Travel Accessories • Trophies & Awards • Umbrellas
  6. 6. TARGUS 15" GROOVEX SLIMCASE FOR MACBOOK Jean Louis Scherrer - Race - Roller Ball Pen
  7. 7. PROMOTIONS corporate gifts, corporate gifts, corporate gifts Singapore, corporate gift Singapore, ADVERTISING GIFTS SINGAPORE, Business Gifts Singapore, Promotional Gifts Singapore, Premium Gifts Singapore
  8. 8. If you have any queries related to our products, then kindly visit our website, www.jd.com.sg For customer service assistance call us on +65 6472 0077 ADDRESS:- JD Technology Pte Ltd 8 Boon Lay Way #05-02, 8@Tradehub 21, Singapore 609964