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ICAB - ITA Chapter 1 class 5-6 - IT in Enterprise in Bangladesh

ICAB Professional Stage - Application Level - IT Application Class Slides

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ICAB - ITA Chapter 1 class 5-6 - IT in Enterprise in Bangladesh

  1. 1. IT APPLICATIONS Professional Stage Application Level, ICAB Teacher: Mohammad Abdul Matin Chapter 1 IT in Enterprises in Bangladesh
  2. 2. Chapter Outline  Importance of IT Strategy  Process of Developing IT Strategy  Electronic Commerce  Risks, Limitations & Advantages of E-commerce  Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)  Information Technology in Enterprises in Bangladesh
  3. 3. Syllabus  In the examination, candidates may be required to a. explain how the following factors influence the use of information Technology in enterprises in Bangladesh:  government IT policy  the status of intellectual property rights in Bangladesh  the national IT infrastructure  ICT education nationally.
  4. 4. Some Important Statistics Computer ownership (per 100 inhabitants) 0.8 Telephone Lines per (100 inhabitants) 23.24 lines Internet hosts (per 10,000 inhabitants) 0.015 Internet cafes/tele centers (per 10,000) 0.19 Internet users (per 10,000 inhabitants) 19.04 Number of websites in Bangla 200 Number of websites in English and other Language 600 National bandwidth within the country (data only) 68 Mbps (2007) National bandwidth to and from the country (Internet) 112 Mbps (2007) 44.6 Gbps (2012) Source: BTRC Report 2007 and Website Mobile Internet Users 3,47,11,101 WiMax Internet Users 3,15,297 ISP Internet Users 12,22,620
  5. 5. Usage of Computers in Organizations Source: BBS 2011
  6. 6. ICT Facilities Usage in Bangladesh Source: BBS 2011
  7. 7. Mobile Phone Usage Source: BBS 2011
  8. 8. SEA-ME-WE-4
  9. 9. International Terrestrial Cable (ITC)
  10. 10. Use of SMW4 & ITC
  11. 11. Government ICT Vision / Focus / Steps  IT is a critical part of “Digital Bangladesh” campaign  Had been declared as a “Thrust Sector”  Highly encouraged foreign investment in the sector  Established a separate ICT Ministry  National ICT Task Force headed by the Prime Minister  Appropriate bodies formed BTRC, BSCCL, BTCL, IGW, ICX  Backup for SMW4 established with ITC  Intellectual Property Act implemented  Significant IT infrastructure improvement budget
  12. 12. ICT Roadmap Recommendations
  13. 13. Intellectual Property Rights • Intangible creative work that is embedded in physical form.Intellectual Property • The legal protection afforded an expression of an idea, such as a song, video, game, software, documents, etc.Copyright • In certain situations it is legal to use copy-righted materials, e.g. for education purpose, personal use, etc.Fair Use Doctrine • The unauthorized use, duplication, distribution or sale of copyrighted software.Pirated Software • Software, service that has been developed to look like/act like the real thing and sold as such. Counterfeit Software
  14. 14. Intellectual Property Rights in Bangladesh  Copyright Law established in 2006  There are other Acts and different sections of Acts modified to accommodate punishments for violating IP in regard to Software, Web and related products.  Still there are areas of improvement in properly focusing ICT IPs.
  15. 15. IT Infrastructure in Bangladesh Major components in discussing IT Infrastructure in Bangladesh:  Internet Bandwidth Availability – Currently we have SMW4 and ITC – More than adequate Bandwidth subscribed  Bandwidth Price – Still high compared to other countries Bandwidth BSCCL Price End User Price 1 mbps (dedicated) Tk. 3,800 Tk. 4,500  Electricity and Power Stability – Continuing improvement in power situation countrywide – Increased use of renewable energy in communication towers
  16. 16. IT Education in Bangladesh  IT has been included in national curriculum at school level  Vocational institutions offering huge IT education opportunities country wide  Vendor certification courses and curriculums are wide spread in divisional levels  Bachelors degree and post graduation in Computer Science and Engineering
  17. 17. Opportunity in Outsourcing
  18. 18. Bangladesh Getting Organized for New Initiatives (a video)
  19. 19. Questions  Describe the nature of Information Technology (IT) infrastructure in Bangladesh
  20. 20. Thank You