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iii. All	
iv. Copies	
D. US Consulate
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ii. Baby	
iii. Demand	
x. Hotel	
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Surrogacy Checklist for US citizens

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What US citizens who want to do surrogacy in India need to know

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Surrogacy Checklist for US citizens

  1. 1. We  are  US  Citizens  of  Indian  descent  who  were  blessed  with  twins  through  Surrogacy   under  the  expert  care  and  guidance  of  Dr.  Aniruddha  Malpani  and  The  Malpani  Clinic.   This   has   been   a   transformative   experience   for   my   wife   and   myself   and   we   still   are   coming  to  terms  with  the  enormity  of  the  miracle.       While   there   is   the   all-­‐important   medical   and   emotional   focus   through   the   entire   surrogacy  journey,  there  is  also  a  very  important  legal  aspect  to  the  entire  process.  It   requires   careful   review   and   detailed   preparation   as   you   are   dealing   with   the   immigration  laws  of  two  countries  –  United  States  and  India.       This  post  aims  to  guide  fellow  parents  on  the  legal  process.  Our  babies  were  born  in   February   2014   and   we   returned   to   the   US   from   India   in   April   2014.   The   rules   and   procedures  documented  in  this  post  are  as  of  May  2014.  Please  note  this  post  is  from  a   perspective  of  a  naturalized  US  Citizen  of  Indian  origin.  Citizens  of  other  countries  may   need  additional  documents  and  the  process  may  deviate.   A. Commencement of Surrogacy Process As  prospective  parents  plan  to  take  the  plunge  it  is  very  important  first  step  to  know   that  when  visiting  to  India  for  Egg  Transfer/Sperm  Collection  Process  they  must  travel   on  a  M  Visa.  They  cannot  travel  on  a  Tourist  Visa.  Also,  any  interim  trips  to  India  must  be   on  M  Visa.  This  applies  only  to  foreigners.  PIOs/OCI  Card  holders  are  exempt  from  this   rule.   B. Before Leaving for India to get the Babies Once  the  date  nears  and  parents  have  to  make  the  trip  to  India  the  legal  process  of   gathering    documentation  begins.    Before  leaving  the  USA  the  following  needs  to  be   done: 1. DNA  Testing   a. Identify  a  AABB  accredited  DNA  Laboratory  in  the  US  -­‐  I  went  with  DDC   (http://www.dnacenter.com)   b. Father  should  get  DNA  samples  collected  in  the  US   c. Preorder  DNA  testing  kit  to  be  shipped  to  US  Consulate  in  India     2. Consular  Appointment   a. Make  an  online  appointment  with  the  US  Consulate  for  the  CRBA   (Consular  Reporting  of  Birth  Abroad)     b. Email  US  Consulate  (mumbaif@state.gov)  to  schedule  DNA  Testing   appointment  for  the  baby  same  day  as  CRBA  Appointment   3. Documentation  -­‐  Documents  that  you  need  to  carry  from  USA  for  both  parents:   i. US  Passport   ii. Surrogacy  Agreement  
  2. 2. iii. All  correspondence  with  the  Surrogacy  Clinic     iv. Copies  of  Surrogate’s  USG  /Medical  Tests/Egg  Transfer  lab  results   v. US  Driver’s  License   vi. US  Naturalization  Certificate   vii. Expired  Indian  Passport    –  if  applicable   viii.Marriage  Certificate   ix. US  Tax  Returns  (at  least  5  years)   x. Utility  Bill     xi. Bank  Statements   xii. US  Consulate  Appointment  Confirmation   Please  make  at  least  3  sets  of  copies  for  each  of  these  documents  (except  tax  returns)  as   they  are  required  to  be  submitted  multiple  times.     C. After Reaching India Once  you  reach  India  the  focus  is  of  course  on  the  birth  of  the  baby.  Once  the  baby  is   born  and  things  settle  down-­‐  the  following  documents  should  be  collected  as  soon  as   possible:     1. Birth  Certificate  –  get  at  least  5  original  copies   2. Letter  from  Hospital  where  baby  was  born  confirming  birth  and  that  all  dues  are   paid   3. Letter  from  Doctor  confirming  Surrogate  was  under  her  care  and  that  she   delivered  Baby     4. Letter  from  Hotel  confirming  dates  of  stay  and  stating  all  dues  are  paid   5. Copy  of  FORM  C  from  Hotel  (this  is  reported  to  FRRO  when  a  Foreigner  checks   in)   6. Call  US  Consulate  and  confirm  appointment  for  CBRA  and  DNA  Testing   7. Get  Demand  Draft  from  an  Indian  Bank  of  Rs.1,000  per  baby  (we  got  a  DD  of  Rs.   2,000)  payable  to  Dr.  Jayant  Rele     8. 2  Passport  photos  for  the  baby  –  one  for  the  US  Consulate  and  one  for  the  FRRO   (sizes  are  different)   9. Complete  DS-­‐11  Form  available  on  USCIS  Website   10. Complete  DS-­‐2029  Form  available  on  USCIS  Website     In  India  it  is  a  two-­‐step  process  to  go  back  home  to  the  US  with  the  Baby.  Step  1  is   getting  a  US  Passport  from  the  US  Consulate  and  Step  2  is  getting  an  Exit  Visa  from  the   FRRO.  
  3. 3. D. US Consulate Plan  to  get  to  the  US  Consulate,  Mumbai  at  the  Bandra-­‐  Kurla  Complex  at  least  thirty   minutes  prior  to  the  appointment  time.     American  Consulate  General     C-­‐49,  G  Block  Bandra  Kurla  Complex,  Bandra  (East)     Mumbai  400  051     Telephone  +91-­‐22-­‐2672-­‐4000     There   is   a   separate   gate   for   US   Citizens   and   one   can   park   their   car   inside   the   Consulate.    You  do  not  need  to  stand  in  line  with  other  folks  who  are  applying  for   Visa.  As  pointed  out  earlier  try  to  make  the  DNA  appointment  the  same  day  as  the   CRBA  appointment.  Both  appointments  require  the  baby  to  be  present.     The  US  Consulate  is  very  cordial  and  makes  every  effort  to  make  the  process  quick  and   painless.  They  have  excellent  facilities  in  the  waiting  area  and  are  extremely  efficient.   They  will  review  all  the  documents  carefully  so  it  is  important  to  ensure  that  all   documents  are  in  order.  The  following  documents  are  required  for  CRBA  Appointment   (original  and  copies):     i. US  Passport   ii. Baby  Birth  Certificate     iii. Surrogacy  Agreement   iv. Hospital  Letter   v. Doctor  Letter   vi. All  correspondence  with  the  Surrogacy  Clinic  /Doctor   vii. Copies  of  Surrogate’s  USG  /Medical  Tests/Egg  Transfer  lab  results     viii. Marriage  Certificate   ix. US  Naturalization  Certificate   x. Expired  Indian  Passport    –  if  applicable   xi. US  Driver’s  License   xii. US  Tax  Returns  (at  least  5  years)   xiii.Utility  Bill     xiv.Bank  Statements   xv. US  Consulate  Appointment  Confirmation   xvi.Baby  Photo   xvii.  Completed  DS  11  Form   xviii.  Completed  DS  2029  Form     After  the  CRBA  appointment  the  next  stop  is  the  DNA  testing  that  is  done  in  an  adjoining   section  of  the  US  Consulate.    The  DNA  testing  kit  should  have  already  arrived  at  the   Consulate  and  everything  is  waiting  for  you.  The  DNA  testing  process  is  also  very  quick   (15-­‐20  minutes)  and  painless.  The  following  documentation  is  needed  for  the  DNA   Appontment  (original  and  copies):  
  4. 4.   i. US  Passport  (Father)   ii. Baby  Birth  Certificate   iii. Demand  Draft     Once  the  CRBA  and  DNA  testing  is  done  and  the  sample  is  sent  to  the  US,  it  takes  about   7-­‐10  days  for  the  US  Consulate  to  receive  the  DNA  results  back  from  the  US  Lab.  The  US   Passport  is  typically  issued  within  1  business  day  of  the  DNA  result  being  received.  The   US  Consulate  will  call  you  or  email  you  that  the  Passport  is  ready  for  pickup.    I  started   following  up  with  them  after  7  days.  You  can  call  the  US  Consulate  after  3pm  (Tel:  22-­‐ 2672-­‐4000)   and   chose   the   American   Citizen   Services   option   to   get   status   on   the   US   Passport.  To  get  status  on  the  DNA  Test  or  on  any  information  related  to  the  DNA  test   call  the  022-­‐2672-­‐4000  ext.  4478/4626.  For  us  it  took  8  business  days.  You  can  pick  the   Passport  up  or  get  it  couriered  (I  recommend  personally  picking  up  the  Passport).  You   do  not  need  to  take  the  baby  to  pick  up  the  US  Passport.       The  Consul  officer  will  hand  you  the  US  Passport  and  an  affidavit  and  a  letter  to  the   Indian  Government  –  all  of  which  would  be  needed  for  the  FRRO.  Once  the  US  Passport   is  in  your  possession  the  next  and  last  step  is  the  FRRO.       E. FRRO Once  you  get  the  US  Passports  immediately  make  a  next  business  day  appointment  for   the  FRRO  for  an  Exit  Visa.  You  need  to  do  the  appointment  online  and  print  the   application  and  then  head  to  the  FRRO  the  next  day.       FRRO   Annex-­‐II  Bldg.,  3rd  Floor     Badruddin  Tayyabji  Marg,     Behind  St.Xavier’s  College,  C.S.T.,  Mumbai-­‐  400001     (The  Landmark  is  near  C.S.T.  railway  station  and  the  office  is  in  the  lane  beside  the  Times   of  India  building.)        The  following  documentation  is  needed  at  the  FRRO  (original  and  copies)     i. US  Passport  –  Parents   ii. US  Passport    -­‐  Baby   iii. M  Visa  or  OCI/PIO     iv. Baby  Birth  Certificate     v. Surrogacy  Agreement   vi. Affidavit  from  US  Consulate   vii. Letter  from  US  Consulate   viii.Hospital  Letter   ix. Doctor  Letter  
  5. 5. x. Hotel  Letter   xi. Hotel  Form  C   xii. Marriage  Certificate   xiii. Air  Tickets  (for  self  and  baby)   xiv.Expired  Indian  Passport      –  if  applicable   xv. Baby  Photo   xvi.FRRO  Application   The  FRRO  typically  processes  applications  same  day  –  so  you  can  pick  up  your  Exit  visa  in   the  afternoon.     Well  that  is  it!!!     You  are  ready  to  go  back  to  the  United  States  and  while  your  journey  in  India  ends   another  more  challenging  journey  of  parenting  begins.  Enjoy  the  ride!!     If  anyone  needs  any  information  I  will  be  happy  to  help.  Please  feel  free  to  reach  out  to   me  at  ani.virgo@gmail.com.