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How to become a tech-savvy doctor

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Doctors need to use technology to improve their personal productivity and professional efficiency, so they can take better care of their patients

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How to become a tech-savvy doctor

  1. 1. How to become a tech-savvy doctor Dr. Aniruddha Malpani
  2. 2. Dinosaur image
  3. 3. Digital disruption • Will Dr Watson make doctors obsolete ? • Artificial intelligence, machine learning and clinical decision support systems which never make mistakes • Chatbots which learn to simulate empathy
  4. 4. Reinvent yourself ! • Offer wellness - not just treatment of illness • Everyone is now a potential customer – you don’t have to wait till they fall ill ! • Nutrition supplements Detox Exercise Mental health
  5. 5. MedTech advances • EMRs and PHRs • Apps and Chatbots • Telemedicine • VR , AR and 3D imaging • Robotics • Genomics, Informatics and Biotechnology • Big Data and Cloud Computing • Sensors and Implants
  6. 6. Hope, hype and harm • Don’t fall In love with the newest shine new object • Want to be the first to use the latest advance – wait till the technology matures • Tendency to overuse, abuse and misuse for getting ROI • Put your patients first
  7. 7. • If a 5 year old child can, why can’t you ? • Don't underestimate your abilities – you are a doctor • You have mastered far more challenging skills !
  8. 8. Practical tips – How to do it • Apply what you learn. • Get assistants. Don't have to do it all yourself • Tech classes for senior citizens • Learn from your juniors • Learn from the children in your family • Online resources
  9. 9. Make it fun ! • Hobby - digital photography • Music – digital karaoke system • Google maps for driving • Uber for booking taxis • PayTM for making payments
  10. 10. Get out of your rut ! • Doctors are traditional, old fashioned and conservative • Stick with time tested and trusted stuff • Experiment ! Nothing to lose but your preconceived notions
  11. 11. Play to your strengths • The world is an exciting place ! • Make the most of your opportunities – you are a medical expert ! • Mentor healthcare startups so you can teach and learn from them • Become an angel investor
  12. 12. “The difference between a doctor and a machine is like the difference between a private banker and an ATM machine” - Walter De Brouwer