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Next generation search experiences

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With the maturing of technologies such as natural language understanding, conversational interfaces and analytics, how can we design better search experiences? I explore these topics in this presentation for the Intranets 2017 Conference in Sydney.

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Next generation search experiences

  1. 1. Next gen search experiences Maish Nichani, Principal at PebbleRoad Pte Ltd, Singapore maish@pebbleroad.com
  2. 2. Outline Advances in search tech Demos How it works How to make it work for you
  3. 3. Welcome to the 4th industrial revolution
  4. 4. Macroeconomic
  5. 5. “In the long run, we’re evolving in computing from a ‘mobile-first’ to an ‘AI-first’ world.” Google CEO Sundar Pichai
  6. 6. The big shift Pages to answers
  7. 7. Search: What if... Search technology ● Natural language understanding ● Content analytics ● Data visualisation ● Machine learning ● Conversational interfaces
  8. 8. Demos
  9. 9. Under the hood Your content Content analytics Entity, fact and concept extraction Knowledge graph Answers, calculations Intent analysis Understand what the user needs Natural language input Text, voice and other natural inputs
  10. 10. Making search work
  11. 11. The story so far I want search USER SEARCH TEAM TECHNOLOGY
  12. 12. The story so far I want search! USER SEARCH TEAM TECHNOLOGY
  13. 13. The story so far I want it to work like Google USER SEARCH TEAM TECHNOLOGY
  14. 14. The story so far I just want to find stuff to do my job! USER SEARCH TEAM TECHNOLOGY
  15. 15. The story so far Help USER SEARCH TEAM TECHNOLOGY
  16. 16. The story so far USER SEARCH TEAM TECHNOLOGY © Findwise Enterprise Search and Findability Survey 2016 Organisations with more than one FTE in a search programme
  17. 17. The story so far USER SEARCH TEAM TECHNOLOGY © AIIM Search and Discovery Survey 2014 Resource requirements for search
  18. 18. What’s coming for enterprises USER SEARCH TEAM TECHNOLOGY Knowledge graph Taxonomies, Ontologies, Extraction of structure (entities, facts, concepts) Natural language input Data visualisation Machine learning Open source search I want you to know my needs I want rich answers, not documents I want to interact naturally, not just with keywords There is no doubt that the success of the next gen search is going to rest on the availability and talent of the search team - just like it has always been. Just that in today’s age, it will matter more to the survival of the business than ever before.
  19. 19. Takeaways
  20. 20. Form a dedicated search team. Recruit people who can align search to business needs. Create specialised search experiences. This moves the needle for your team, dept and organisation. Choose your search stack based on your business needs. Don’t fall prey to magical out-of-the-box solutions. Think big Start small Scale fast
  21. 21. Thank you