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Designing self-service experiences

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I gave a talk at UX Australia 2017 on Designing Self-Service Experiences.

References are in the notes section of the slides.

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Designing self-service experiences

  1. 1. Designing self- service experiences Maish Nichani (@maish)
  2. 2. Agenda I want to turn your attention to a growing industry that has big implications for business and society—self-service. Although the industry is growing, it lacks in direction and execution. Self-service embodies everything we do as UX designers and more. I call on you, UX designers, to grab this opportunity and bring about positive change to this industry.
  3. 3. About self-service
  4. 4. Long time ago
  5. 5. Today
  6. 6. Tomorrow
  7. 7. Websites
  8. 8. Chatbots Emma - Mortgage chatbot DoNotPay - Robot lawyer
  9. 9. Why self-service? Why now?
  10. 10. Scalable customer value proposition Digital technologies Business operations Scalable support services DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION It’s business reality
  11. 11. I need to... Get more info Get stuff done Solve problems Always a need for services Demand drivers The reasons people reach out to your company. Self-service Websites Apps Virtual assistants Help centre IVR Kiosks ... Assisted service Walk-in Snail mail Phone Email Social Live chat ...
  12. 12. Shifting left is good for business Self-service Level 1 (simple) Level 2 (complex) Level 3 (troubleshooting) Shift left $4 $10+$0.5 $6
  13. 13. Customers want it “90 percent of all consumers expect a brand or organization to offer a self-service support portal or frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.” - Microsoft: Global State of Multichannel Customer Service Report, January 2016. “Use of help or FAQs on a company’s website increased from 67% in 2012 to 81% in 2015 among US online adults.” - Forrester Research, January 2016.
  14. 14. We have a long way to go Gerry McGovern’s 2016 Confab presentation
  15. 15. Designers can help Customer experience Business operations
  16. 16. 5 design principles
  17. 17. The wager! “Using design to solve service problems, humph! Prove it. Show me a 7% reduction in call volumes in 3 months.” Contact centre manager at a bank
  18. 18. Framework No longer useful? Retire it. Product developmentKnowledge base Create, optimise, or reuse
  19. 19. 5 design principles Know the customer Aim to resolve effortlessly Don’t close doors Keep improving Mirror demand efficiently
  20. 20. Know the customer
  21. 21. “I cannot withdraw money from ATM card even when I have money in my account. It tells me that I exceeded the withdrawal limit but I did not withdraw any money today.”
  22. 22. Distance yourself from the marketing people. They will: ● Tell you about happy customers ● Focus on loyalty opportunities ● Try to cross-sell and upsell ● Focus on delighting ALL customers (oh my!) To know your self-service customer Hangout with folks from the contact centre. They will: ● Tell you about unhappy customers ● Describe the real problems people face ● Tell you about shortcuts and undocumented answers ● Focus on resolving TOP TASKS
  23. 23. Who Banking account holders Thoughts “Why is this happening to me? Did I do something wrong? What will happen to my other payments?” Feelings Anxious, scared and a bit angry. Expectation s “You are the expert. Surely, you can help me out here. I want an answer. NOW.” Think about their expectations First contact resolution (FCR) Solving the issue the first time around.
  24. 24. Think about their digital savviness
  25. 25. Mirror demand efficiently
  26. 26. Kathy Sierra: Making Users Awesome Business reality
  27. 27. The demand curve Demand Time Campaigns, new product launches... Knowledge base
  28. 28. Which requests? Get more info Get stuff done Solve problems Knowledge base
  29. 29. Aim to resolve effortlessly
  30. 30. Effortless resolution > delight
  31. 31. Effortless resolution is... Easy to find and access Simple and quick to understand Gets the job done, completely
  32. 32. Resolution journey Trigger Google Homepage Support site Agent
  33. 33. What is DBS swift code?
  34. 34. What is DBS swift code?
  35. 35. What is DBS swift code?
  36. 36. What is DBS swift code?
  37. 37. NOT like this How to redirect mail to new address
  38. 38. Don’t close doors
  39. 39. Resolution journey Trigger Google Homepage Support site Agent Escalation Handing off to an agent. Escalation
  40. 40. Escalation workflow Gather case history Call in Call back Visit Chat Email Create, update, optimise Knowledge base
  41. 41. Call back
  42. 42. Keep improving
  43. 43. Systems approach to measurement Knowlege base Customer Contact centre Content creator Content quality Use and satisfactio n Improvement opportunities Knowledge gap Awareness
  44. 44. Goals, signals, metrics
  45. 45. 5 design principles Know the customer Aim to resolve effortlessly Don’t close doors Keep improving Mirror demand efficiently
  46. 46. Summary ● The big mantra today is “digital transformation”. ● Self-service is a natural requirement in this change. ● However, self-service is not living up to its promise. ● UX designers can help turns this around by addressing both sides of the challenge: customer experience and business operations.
  47. 47. Thank you