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Email Appending

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Email Appending

  1. 1. EMAIL APPENDING Process & Benefits
  2. 2. Client’s FileYou have an internal database with missinginformation like email address, which stopsyour communicating online with yourexisting customers or prospects
  3. 3. Missing email address? Name: Susan A. May Address: 1140 North Jog Road Phone: 561 – 472 - 2057 Email ID:Do you want to add missing emails toyour existing customer/prospectsdatabase?
  4. 4. If yesThe solution is Email Appending
  5. 5. Following are all the steps followed inUpdating DatabaseOptin Sources:1.Magazine Subscribers2.Tradeshow/Conferences3.Surveys etc. The optin contacts maintained have also respond to a variety of offers appealing totheir medical business efficiencies. Firstly, We have our telemarketers pound the phone and verify the details provided for eachcontact by our various optin sources.Data is updated and verified by our Pro1. Auto match software2. Email Topology method3. Manual Verification4. Introductory Mail Out
  6. 6. Auto Match SoftwareCustomer send there internal database for adding missing data. Client’s File Client’s File Mail Prospects Master Data File
  7. 7. Auto Match Software Customer data file is run against our master data file. Mail Prospects Client’s File Master Data File •NameName: Susan A. May •AddressAddress: 1140 North Jog Road •PhonePhone: 561 – 472 - 2057Email ID: Client’s File is scanned against our Master Data File
  8. 8. Email Topology Method Mail ProspectsClient’s File Master Topology FileName: Susan A. May Name: Susan A. MayAddress: 1140 North Jog Road Address: 1140 North Jog RoadPhone: 561 – 472 - 2057 Phone: 561 – 472 - 2057Email ID: may@abc.com Email ID: lastname@abc.com
  9. 9. Manual VerificationManually using our proprietary And our Tele Callerssoftware
  10. 10. Introductory Mail Out All matches are passed through an opt-Appended Contact in permission Introductory Mail OutAll matches are passed through an opt-in permission process requiredby law and needed to comply with Can-Spam requirements thusproviding an opt-in file
  11. 11. The Benefits of Email AppendingPermission based email is the most cost effective wayto communicate with your customers.Communicating via email increases brand loyalty /recognition and reduces offline promotion costs. It isthe most cost effective way of engaging customers inmulti-channel dialogue; resulting in an increase toyour customer’s lifetime value. Useful, relevantinformation delivered via the email channel is animportant relationship benefit that will causeconsumers to remain loyal to a brand. Productrelevance and brand loyalty are the top reason forrepeat business.
  12. 12. For more information please visit: http://www.mail-prospects.com Corporate Office 10685-B Hazelhurst Dr. # 9627 Houston, TX 77043, USA Branch Office 501 Silverside Rd Ste 105 Wilmington, DE 19809 USACALL Mail Prospects at 888-809-5265 Email – sales@mail-prospects.com