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Celebrate Dad

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It's Father's Day weekend. Did you get Dad a gift yet? If not, don't worry. Give Dad the gift of time. We put together a few simple but meaningful ways you can celebrate Dad.

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Celebrate Dad

  1. 1. How To Celebrate Dad Brought to you by: MaidPro Central CT
  2. 2. Go On An Adventure Do something new. Go fishing, go for hike or take a day trip. Do something fun and unexpected. Make new happy memories.
  3. 3. Make Him Something He’ll Use With all the DIY projects in the world on google and Pinterest, find something Dad will be able to use. Dad always appreciates something that reminds him of those he loves.
  4. 4. Reminisce Make Dad a photo album or watch home videos with him. Remember the good times while making new ones.
  5. 5. Re-Create Old Photos Reenact old family photos with Dad. Whip out an album pick something funny and have good time laughing as you recreate special moments. Side by side photos are fun to make and share.
  6. 6. BBQ While you may not be able to create Dad’s famous BBQ, you can sure try. Sometimes, just helping Dad out shows him you care.
  7. 7. Show Dad You Love Him. Let MaidPro take out the trash and clean up the mess from weekend festivities.
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