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What is digital marketing By Mahesh Gangurde

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Mahesh Gangurde Digital Marketing is a Online Digital Marketing Consultancy founded by Mr. Mahesh Gangurde. The idea was to create a marketing ripple for brands across social networks. What began as a 1 member team in 2007 has today, grown into a 30-member strong task force. With the growth of the internet as a medium of exchange, We understands the need for organizations, individuals and brands to have a presence on social media. www.maheshgangurde.in

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What is digital marketing By Mahesh Gangurde

  1. 1. What Is Digital Marketing • Digital Marketing is marketing techniques that makes use of electronic devices like desktop, laptops, phones and tabs. •We Focus on various Internet Medium For Digital Marketing Digital Marketing Search Engines Websites Social Media Mobile Apps Email Analytics
  2. 2. Traditional V/S Digital Media Metric Paper Advertisement Digital Media Ads Reach 1,00,000 Millions / Billions Target Audience Low Very High Engagement Low Very High Price Very Expensive Very Low ROI No Guarantee High Return
  3. 3. Benefits Of Digital Marketing Reach Large Audience Target The Right Audience Cost Effective High Return Over Investment Scale The Business Very Fast
  4. 4. Digital Marketing Statistics 85% Search Before Purchase 84,801 Youtube Videos Views in 1 Second Search Queries In Google Year 1998 – 10000 Per Day Year 2015 – 600 Corer Per Day 73% Active User In Social Media 89% Of User Purchased Based On The Reviews
  5. 5. http://www.internetlivestats.com/internet-users/
  6. 6. Digital Marketing Website SEO Paid Marketing *PPC *Display Ads *Video Ads Social Media Paid Non Paid Digital Analysis Email Marketing Online Reputation Management
  7. 7. Search Engine Optimization •SEO is a process to achieve top ranks on organic search result (Free Results) •Search Engine ranking are achieved by following and implementing various tactics in WebSite •Search engines ranks a websie based on 200+factors.
  8. 8. Paid Marketing •In Paid Marketing we us various channels like websites and search engines to promote our services. •Display Advertising on External Sites •Ads in Mobile Apps •Video Ads in Youtube •Remarketing Strategies
  9. 9. Social Media Marketing •Generate the visitors and increasing the brand awareness using Social Network •We target both paid and free marketing strategies in Social. Facebook Pinterest Google + Youtube Twitter Linkedin
  10. 10. Email Marketing •To generate the business and leads using existing and new client via email. •We study about email marketing strategies, newsletter design and practical example of Email Marketing.
  11. 11. Digital Analytics •Digital analytics is about analysis of the website reports to make decisions based on data •We work with google analytics for analyzing the website traffic.
  12. 12. Career Opportunites Digital Maketer Enterpreneur Start Your Own Business Freelancer Work On Individual Project Online Earning Professional Job Earn FromAdsense/Affi liate/Youtube Work For a Company
  13. 13. More For More Details Visit www.maheshgangurde.in www.maheshgangurdedigitalmarketing.com www.webdigital4u.in www.letsdigital.in Email : mahesh.gangurde40@gmail.com Mob : +918097320517