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Information Requirement Analysis

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Information Requirement Analysis

  1. 1. Course Title: COMP164Course Title: COMP164Course Title: COMP164Course Title: COMP1645555 Information Requirement AnalysisInformation Requirement AnalysisInformation Requirement AnalysisInformation Requirement Analysis Submitted To: Ms Elaine Major Greenwich Coordinator Submitted By: Md. Mahbub Alam ID: 000788896 Date: 21/11/2013
  2. 2. Acknowledgement It is my pleasure and privilege to prepare this assignment. It gave me immense interest and aroused curiosity and I believe that the experience gathered in this assignment will help me extremely in career building. I am especially grateful to our respectable teacher – Mr. Monjur Ahmed for giving me valuable suggestion and support me to prepare this assignment. Without his advice and support, it would not be possible for me to prepare this assignment.
  3. 3. Introduction Children Support Agency is a massive organization which is charity based. Its care young people in UK who are require additional support to their live. CSA working in housing, family support, education & training and tackling crime. Young people who have previously committed with crime can gain IT knowledge by attending IT training which provided by CSA. The central office of CSA is situated in London. CSA run 60 different projects to nationally. Such as 10 housing projects, 15 tracking crime projects, 20 educational training projects and 15 family support projects. To manage their projects they have three geographical regions like Northern South West and South East. Each project has a regional director to manage projects. All projects are funded by outside bodies. Each project has a contract which identifies the budget, length time that the project will run for, how many staff should be employed and a set of deliverables.
  4. 4. Section A – Requirement Analysis using Rich Picture A1. Rich picture of CSA environment: Requirement Analysis using Rich Picture Image: Rich Picture of CSA Environment
  5. 5. A2. Key actors within the Rich Picture and key processes: The rich picture represents some key actors and some key processes. Under the below has some identification of those key actors and key processes: • All admin are responsible to do their assign job and responsible for CSA activity. • Admin are always working for the best support of children/ members. • Children/ Members connected each other for their works. • Admin always process children/ members paper work and others also. • Admin train children/ members for further development of theme. • Funding bodies are responsible to generate new idea and owner or BOT of CSA. • Children/ members are getting support from CSA. They get training, education, shelter and so on. • Training & education is a process to rich educational and experience power of Children/ members. • Tackling crime is a project to bring children from darkness. • CSA has head offices for maintain the progress of jobs and every head office has some regional office. • Connection is a process to maintain interconnectivity.
  6. 6. A3. Two key actors of CSA environment: CSA have some key actor and as my opinion there are two key actors which Under the below has an image for two key actors CSA have some key actor and as my opinion there are two key actors which are more responsible and important actor for CSA. image for two key actors: Image: Two key actor for CSA environment are more responsible and important actor for CSA.
  7. 7. A4. Learning discussion about A1, A2 and A3: Influential actors within the CSA environment: As a business analyst I can say administrative persons are most Influential actors in CSA: • They take care of children/ members • Teach them for being a good person • Train them for being a expert in a subject • Do all paper works which provided by CSA authority related with children/ members • Maintain contact information or children/ members • Managing office for being a best organization • CSA a massive organization which is always depends on administrative persons • They always maintain security for CSA Most Crucial processes: • Tracking daily works of employees • Contact management system • Collect accurately data of CSA time to time • Produce managements report for Trustees • Building performance indicator for CSA • Make sure data is secure • Develop common interface for the external data can insert to the system • Include a feature to make a note for workers • Enterprise schedule tool for managing meeting
  8. 8. Upcoming complication for development of this project: • System requirement can be change • Business roles change • Environmental disaster • No proper data backup • Less dedicated employees • Employees have to cares about new system • Internet or data connectivity problem • Less work experience workers • No sufficient knowledge about new system
  9. 9. B1. Use Case Diagram of Diggit Project: Under the below has a diagram of Diggit project:Under the below has a diagram of Diggit project:
  10. 10. B2.1. Use Case Diagram of Diggit Project: Diggit project has some is core process to the organization. Use cases are described under the below: Case 1 Name: File opening for recording personal data of youth & Contribution is recorded for each garden of a youth Description: File opening for recording personal data of youth where has to include some information of why young person has been referred? Who has referred? And other supporting information. Actors: Manager Preconditions: Has to gain data. Basic Flow of Events: • Collection of data from a relevant source • Organize data such a format • Save data Post conditions: Personal data recorded Case 2 Name: If youth leave final assessment & contribution recorded to file Description: When youth leave this case will activate. Actors: Manager Preconditions: Has to gain data. Basic Flow of Events: • Collection of data from a relevant source • Organize data such a format • Arrange assessment • Collect contribution record • Send youth leave letter • Save data Post conditions: Youth leave successfully completed Case 3 Name: File open for each referred elderly with type of gardening required, Issue or problem recorded provided by elderly & Call to make sure elderly happy to gain the service Description: This case based on elderly person.
  11. 11. Actors: Volunteer & Youth Preconditions: arrange meeting with elderly Basic Flow of Events: • Ask some question to elderly • Take a feedback from elderly • Save data Post conditions: Youth data collection done successfully. Case 4 Name: Making report project successful or not Description: Has to make a report annually to know project status. Authorities need this type of report to gain knowledge about Diggit. Actors: Manager Preconditions: Collect all relevant data to process the report successful Basic Flow of Events: • Gathered data • Identify collected data updated or not • If not updated need to collect updated data • Make some process to generate report • Save data • Give report to authority Post conditions: Authority will satisfy to gain the report and it will help theme to take final future decision. Case 5 Name: Providing gardening tools Description: This case relented with gardening tools provider. He is responsible to provide tools what manager asks for. Actors: Manager Preconditions: Collect with gardening tool provider Basic Flow of Events: • Make tools list as need • Ask him to provide new tools • Make a negotiation for costing • Is he able to provide this time or not
  12. 12. Post conditions: Confirmation for tools B2.2. Secondary scenario of one primary scenario: Here I choose “providing gardening tools” for secondary scenario. Under the below has secondary scenario: Case 1 Name: Make tools list as need Description: Before contact with provider have to make a list of tools. Actors: Manager Preconditions: Observation of old tools Basic Flow of Events: • Take a look using tools • Choose new tools for new types of works • How much effective old tools • How much effectiveness to new tools Post conditions: Choose complete Case 2 Name: Ask him for new tools Description: Ask provider for give new tools. Actors: Manager Preconditions: Choose new tools Basic Flow of Events: • How to he can help with providing new tools • When he able to provide new tools Post conditions: Take a date from provider Case 3 Name: Make a negotiation for cost Description: Confirm costing of new goods Actors: Manager
  13. 13. Preconditions: Get a date from provider Basic Flow of Events: • Make a costing list from him • Who will provide carrying cost of new tools • Give him some money for new purchase Post conditions: Confirm that provider agreed with cost and never will he make any problem Case 4 Name: Is he able to provide this time or not Description: Confirm that he is confident with this providing date. Actors: Manager Preconditions: Get a date Basic Flow of Events: • Ask him for a paper for this date • When he is not able to provide tools in date what will happened • How much demurrage he suppose to provide Post conditions: Confirm that provider will provide tools in the date as he agreed B3. Justifications of choices: Under the below has some detail of justification of use case diagram: Manager is responsible to manage this organization. Manager is the key person to this organization. He processes all the paper works to the organization. All recruitments manage by manager. Now this time he manages personal data of youth people. Manager generates early report for authority or charity. Gardening tolls provider contact with manager when manager order any kind of tools as manager ordered. Record information about contribution of youth people. When any youth people leave he manage release letter and also all paper works related with youth people. Volunteers are responsible to manage youth people and make direction to
  14. 14. the youth people. Each volunteer manage a group of youth people. Volunteers report to Manager as a reporting boss. Elderly report their problem or issue to volunteer and they guide youth people to do the needful. Manager calls the elderly every time after a period of time to get feedback from elderly about their happiness to gain service from Diggit. Elderly answered some questions which are provided by youth people and those data collection recorded each and every month. Manager collects those data from volunteer and youth give to volunteer. As a result this organization fully organized and all are flow the chain of command. C. Critical Analysis: Under the below has some information about critical analysis about new system: The new system have to ability to do all kind of work related to this organization. Have to have user panel and administrator panel and a super administrator panel. Super administrator able to manage user and admin permission. Who will see what super admin will make decision to this new system. User able to login and put his/her personal detail. Administrator able to manage user and he will report to super administrator as his reporting boss. Super admin able to generate report as he/she need. This feature will save time to the new system. As a result management will so much easy and all data will save and all information can gather in time and faster from previous time. These reports will more “Richer” from previous system. This system will help to track who what is doing. Who is responsible for what and what job is assign to him/her. Manage office reporting will so much easy to the new system. A data controller can manage data to flow organization privacy policy. When need information for external or internal use he can manage information for external or internal use. Able to organize data such a way which is help in future for tackle distraction threats. Manage data security from outside threats like hacker or cracker. User have to prohibit data redundancy. Develop new system every organization has to manage an environment setup which is described by developer. It’s may contain
  15. 15. some additional costing and time after development. To meet all the requirement user have to make a feature list to new system. At last we can say that the new system will be a great system and it will provide “Richer” information as user requirement.
  16. 16. Conclusion It is my pleasure to working such a projects that has some critical and functional analysis like CSA. I have gathered new experience and knowledge from CSA. CSA is vast information based organization which is managing their projects smoothly. When new system will implements it will more user friendly and organised information based organization. I want to give thanks to CSA to give me the opportunity to work with them.