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Mahara: Celebrating Learning

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Keynote presentation by Don Christie at the Mahara UK 2010 event on 16 July 2010 (http://www.maharauk.org).

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  • Hi Alex,

    You can become involved by joining the community at http://mahara.org and discussing your ideas in the developer forum. Furthermore, if you want to contribute code, you can check out http://wiki.mahara.org/Contributing_to_Mahara

    Cheers, Kristina
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Mahara: Celebrating Learning

  1. 1. Donald Christie (don@catalyst.net.nz, @normnz) Catalyst IT Limited
  2. 2. “Celebrating Learning”
  3. 3. Project Structure Significant Contributors e.g. JISC, CLEO
  4. 4. Partners
  5. 5. Who are You? (updated) ● 11,300 members of mahara.org community ● 24 Partners world wide ● 28,000 UVs / month (48% Firefox, 27% IE, 14% Chrome) ● 113 registered sites (since May 09) ● 83,700 users represented
  6. 6. Some Names Richard Mansfield François Marier Kristina Hoeppner (elearning specialist) Dan Marsden David Drummond Stacey Walker Paul Walker Heinz Krettek Julian Ridden
  7. 7. Contributors = Healthy Project http://wiki.mahara.org/Contributors
  8. 8. Mahara 1.3 Beta Release Now Complete Security Review Usability Report and Improvements New Features Automated Regression Testing
  9. 9. Dashboard Homepage
  10. 10. Logged In
  11. 11. Configurable Group Homepage
  12. 12. Views - Themes, Feedback
  13. 13. Feedback
  14. 14. Tag Clouds
  15. 15. Lots More http://wiki.mahara.org/Roadmap Vote for features Finance features
  16. 16. Coming Up? Usability Walled Gardens More Moodle/Mahara Integration Multi-Page Views
  17. 17. Your Influence http://wiki.mahara.org/Roadmap Vote for features Finance features
  18. 18. Other Stuff
  19. 19. https://launchpad.net/mahara
  20. 20. Four software* freedoms ● freedom to run the program for any purpose ● freedom to to study how the program works, and change it to make it do what you wish ● freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbour ● freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions to others http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html * See also Roosevelt's Four Freedoms
  21. 21. Affero GPLv3? AGPLv3 Free as in Freedom
  22. 22. ULCC Thanks
  23. 23. "St. Francis, Buddha, Muhammad, Maimonides — all spoke the truth when they said the way to serve yourself is to serve others. “And that Aristotle was right, before them, when he said the only way to assure yourself happiness is to give happiness" Judge John Kane