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Using a Mahara eportfolio with online distance students.

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Presentation by Orna Farrell at the MaharaIRL Meeting in Dublin, Ireland, on 27 April 2017

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Using a Mahara eportfolio with online distance students.

  1. 1. Using a Mahara eportfolio with online distance students Orna Farrell Programme Chair- BA Humanities, BA English & History, BA Single Module orna.farrell@dcu.ie
  2. 2. Who?
  3. 3. How? •Pilot in one module- Soc3a- Power, order, crime and deviance •35 students •5 entries over 24 weeks •Assessment as learning approach-focus to reflect on their learning in Soc3a •Followed a critical questions template
  4. 4. How?
  5. 5. Loop reflect supports
  6. 6. Student portfolios
  7. 7. Student portfolios
  8. 8. Student voices: What's it like learning with an eportfolio? “The learning portfolio differs to other modes of learning, I am not simply learning and regurgitating information, I am also learning about myself.” Jessica entry 1 “Im not even going to lie, I don’t even plan them out.(eportfolio entries) I kind of just…it’s a bit of a stream of consciousness when I’m typing. So sometime I get to the end of one I’m like ‘Haha that doesn’t even make sense’. I have no points made. Em but it’s kind of the one time when I let loose with my writing and it doesn’t have to be super structured. So I enjoy that.” Samantha interview 1 “I have still not found this portfolio as functional as I probably should. It seems a bit droning and repetitive as I don’t see how my learning patterns and processes could change so much in a space of a month or two. I have read over my past couple entries and I don’t find myself amazed or inspired by what I’ve previously said and thought, so I don’t feel that I’m being influenced at all by the learning portfolio other than struggling to manage my time to write it.” Alvin entry 3 “I like that you can go back in and review your entries, you can pick back up where you left off and it is quite clear when you get into the swing of it, you can go from post to post and review what you are doing (in your eportfolio) and that's quite good.” Alison interview 1
  9. 9. National Institute for Digital Learning