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Organisation-centric Portfolios

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Presentation at Mahara Hui 2017 by Del Stevens (Catalyst) in Auckland, New Zealand, on 7 April 2017.

Link for YouTube Presentation: https://youtu.be/WCf2HXiDtMs

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Organisation-centric Portfolios

  1. 1. Presented by Del Stevens // 7 Apr 2017 Organisation-centric Portfolios
  2. 2. About Catalyst
  3. 3. Our L&D Customers ● 18 DHBs including: ● National and International Education Providers including
  4. 4. Our LMS Customers ● Government Sector
  5. 5. Our LMS Customers ● Corporate Clients
  6. 6. What are you going to talk about?
  7. 7. Deliver, track and report Management Information Compliance
  8. 8. What’s in it for us? “... creating spaces for students to demonstrate competencies in their profession” ‘building relationships with other student services [...] to assist students realise the potential of Mahara and how it can be used after they graduate’ “Mahara is an individually managed online space”
  9. 9. The business view “Help learners create a portfolio that demonstrates their skills to potential employers.” Why would I want to provide my staff with the skills and capability to make themselves attractive to other employers? “Help the learner to collect evidence of their skills directly from the workplace and share that with the world.” Some of those processes are Commercial-in-Confidence. I don’t want them sharing with the world. Teach your learners to be able to showcase their talents in a web- facing portal. That sounds like it’s going to take them ages to learn; And See Above!
  10. 10. But also... “Using Mahara to demonstrate skills acquired” ‘Using Mahara to capture vocational competency’ “ePortfolios to produce educated, employable graduates”
  11. 11. 70 : 20 : 10
  12. 12. Image courtesy of http://www.walesoncraic.com/
  13. 13. Not this:
  14. 14. Clear Instructions Simple ‘SmartEvidence’ template OJT assessment
  15. 15. Competence Record in LMS Software Operation Headset Operation Issue Capture Issue Resolution Issue Escalation Qualitative Quantitative Who can do things? How well?
  16. 16. Questions?