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Sap POSDM Corporate Trainers Chennai@magnifictraining.com

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www.Magnifictraining.com-Sap Point Of Sale Data Management(POSDM) online training.contact us: info@magnifictraining.com or +919052666559 by real time experts in hyderabad, bangalore, India, USA, UK, canada, Australia.
hands on training on SAP online TRAINING.SAP technologies like HANA, ABAP, FI-CO, CRM, SAP-BO, EPM GRC MDG MDM Oil and Gas EP EHS PM, SAP MM SD BO BI crm HR SRM,POSDM, PI XI,TRM,FSCM,FI-FM,WCEM.

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Sap POSDM Corporate Trainers Chennai@magnifictraining.com

  1. 1. Contact us: Call: +91-9052666559 Mail: info@magnifictraining.com Visit: www.magnifictraining.com
  2. 2. What is SAP POS Data Management ? Precise POS data management can help you reduce your inventory carrying costs and gain critical insight into customer buying patterns and behavior. The SAP for Retail solution portfolio supports with a cost effective, comprehensive Pos data management solution that enables "trickle-feed" processing. Cash register sales data from individual store locations can be transmitted to back-office systems on a regular basis throughout the business day. This application is called POS DM.
  3. 3. Course Details: POSDM OVERVIEW POS Analitycs : Installtion of BI Contents for POSDM general setting in POSDM Store settings Tasks : one step processing and 2 step processing POS Transaction settings Pos inbound processing engine (PIPE) POSDM IMG Configurations : for Duplicate check,Sequence check, Transaction balancing etc Sales Transactions Configuration Total Transactions Configuration Financial Transactions Configuration Control Transactions Configuration Reversal transactions Configuration
  4. 4. SAP POSDM Introduction: The SAP for Retail solution portfolio supports with a cost effective, comprehensive POS data management solution that enables “trickle-feed” processing. Cash register sales data from individual store locations can be transmitted to back-office systems on a regular basis throughout the business day. This application is called POS DM. POSDM = Point of Sale Data Management. It can provide a single gateway for Point of Sale data to pass through, before it arrives at target systems (e.g. SAP ERP, BI, Third Party systems). As the data passes through it is audited and enriched before being aggregated and formatted for the relevant targets. Below is a list of some of the uses of POS data which help to define the audit rules within POSDM:
  5. 5. SAP POSDM: POS integration with related modules including SAP ERP, BI and PI, SAP F&R, Sybase and other third party systems. Responsible for managing any new developments in Inbound and Outbound Processing. Responsible for scheduling POSDM processing tasks to maximise efficiency during the day (trickle feed) and night (batch) sessions. Scheduling night shifts and ensuring sufficient staff coverage and support over holidays. Monitor testing schedules and ensure that POSDM is included in all end-to-end testing of new functionality. Highlight issues identified by POSDM processes and effectively present these to management in order that update processes are put in place to correct and prevent issues that result in data loss.
  6. 6. POSDM GOOD ONLINE TRAINING POSDM Point of Sale Data manager. SAP provided application to manage the POS inbound / outbound data structures for integrating meaningfully to ERP / external parties (banks , vendors etc) Profiles In this IMG activity, you create the Customizing profile for the PIPE. The profiles are variants of Customizing for the PIPE. For each store you can decide which profile to use. In most other Customizing tables for PIPE you can create different settings for each profile, as necessary. P0S Analytics The Business Content for POS Analytics allows you to upload POS data efficiently to SAP BW using an inbound interface and to create reports for the following areas: Store/Article Analytics Event Analytics
  7. 7. POSDM IMG Transaction Code /POSDW/IMG Logical group of transactions in order to configure the POSDM system as per customer specific business process. Store Customizing In this IMG activity, you make settings as needed for the profile used for each store. If there is no entry for a store, the standard profile defined in the general settings is used. Tasks Tasks are operations on the POS transaction data. The tasks have a status that indicates whether they are completed, incorrect, cancelled or refused, and so on.
  8. 8. Task groups The task groups are used in the transaction types. By doing this you determine which data is relevant for which tasks. Data that is not relevant is removed when the POS transactions are grouped. Transaction type Used to capture the general store POS system transaction types, i.e. Sales, Goods Receipt, Goods Issue etc
  9. 9. SAP POS Data Management Can help you minimize your inventory carrying costs POSDM SAP POSDM ONLINE TRAINING and gain imperative insight into your customers’ needs and buying patterns. This application also enables you to trickle-feed processing during which cash register sales from separate store locations can be transferred to back office systems on a fixed schedule throughout the day. Other than managing data, SAP PO data management also allows you to Prepare data subsequent processing by performing master checks and deleting minute errors such as double transaction numbers Moreover, SAP POSDM gives you access to transactional data for sales audit (POS Workbench)
  10. 10. specific Goals: Goal SAP POSDM ONLINE TRAINING Lets’ review them so that you have a clear idea what you are in for. Taking SAP POS Data Management 1.0 through sap online training provides you with a detailed system and thorough planning tools for your transaction activities. Once you are through with the course, you will have excellent skills to implement SAP POSDM 1.0 and derive benefits its benefits. SAP POS Data Management is a course mainly designed for retail consultants and people who deal with lengthy transactions. If you are having difficulties running your business, then we strongly recommend that you take POS Data Management 1.0 from our sap online training website. With high quality learning material and professional help available you will be an expert in a short time.