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Semantic -Brandbuilding

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Semantic-Brandbuilding – How to become a recognizable Brand!

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Semantic -Brandbuilding

  1. 1. Semantic Brandbuilding – How to become a recognizable Brand! Search engines and also the way people search are almost changing. Voice-Search and Mobile-Interfaces come into the game of search-marketing. The only way to cope with this is to become a serious authority in a specific field. It is all about being real and valuable. According to my friends Eric Enge and David Amerland search-marketers have to structure their whole digital-marketing-strategy around the following paradigmas: ▪ Make crystal clear who you really are and what you do! ▪ Make clear how you do it and why it makes sense for others! ▪ Play an active role in our community! ▪ Produce helpful high-quality-content which engages people! ▪ Earn links and social shares from people, relevant influencers and opinion leaders! ▪ Respond to relevant questions in our costumer community! ▪ Always keep in mind to do something meaningful, relevant and authentic! ▪ Answer possible user questions! ▪ Keep an eye on important issues and developments in our industry! ▪ Blog about stuff that really matters to your clients! => Be as real as you can in all your online-activities – this forms your unique entity-identity! Semantic- Search-technologies and the rise of artificial intelligence require a sustainable online- marketing-approach: Onpage Offpage Real People / Social-Community - Make a responsive website with a clear structure! - Offer the highest user- experience! - Do a widespread keywordresarch! - Link out to other entities! - Provide kick ass content - Make clear for what you stand! - Answer all possible questions! - Provide clear structured information! - Create a holistic- semantic site- architecture that fits the needs of users! - Speed up your website as much as possible! - Your technical SEO must be state of the art! - Use multiple media- formats for a higher user-engagement - Declare your USP and make clear what makes you trustworthy! - Earn relevant brand- mentions and co- citations! - Make sure that relevant media-sources and blogs are talking about you! - Discuss with brand- leaders and opinon- makers! - Show your brand- expertise to real users on social media! - Provide relevant content which produces likes and shares! - Be active in your local- circumstances! - Make sure that the right people talk about you and vistit your website! - Engage with users and give a away some knowledge! - Make people following you! - Provide helpful information and offer a great service with an assume support! - Get the right content in front of the right persons! - Always add something personal which makes your brand recognizable! - Inform all our circumstances and real life community about who you are and what you do! - Engage in social projects! - Give something of value back to the world! - Do Storytelling and not advertising! - Make customers not sales! Mag. Wolfgang Jagsch - Semantic Copywriter – www.texter-linz.at