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Future of enterprise apps is open source and cloud computing

Businesses are continuing to demand more from their technology teams. In a world of limited resources (cash and engineers), it is critical that technology leaders continue to explore new opportunities to bring value to their organizations. This presentation was given at All Things Open in 2016 and discusses a new and innovative way, os-SaaS (open source software-as-a-service), to build enterprise applications.

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Future of enterprise apps is open source and cloud computing

  1. 1. Sameer Maggon Future of Enterprise Apps is Open Source and Cloud Computing
  2. 2. Agenda About SearchStax and Me Trends that are affecting Enterprises os-SaaS Search Use Case Demo 2SearchStax Confidential, Do Not Share
  3. 3. Accelerate time to market = focusing on Apps and NOT Operations. Open Source Search in the Cloud 3SearchStax Confidential, Do Not Share
  4. 4. Sameer Maggon Founder, SearchStax, Inc. Building open source search based apps, platforms and teams my entire career (since 2001). Fortune 500 companies to startups and everything in the middle. Work and live in Los Angeles, CA 4SearchStax Confidential, Do Not Share
  5. 5. Proprietary Software -> Open Source
  6. 6. Databases Search Engines Data Processing Visualization 6SearchStax Confidential, Do Not Share
  7. 7. On-Premise -> Cloud (Public or Private)
  8. 8. 8SearchStax Confidential, Do Not Share
  9. 9. Opportunities for Enterprises = Faster time to Market + No Licensing Costs + CapEx -> OpEx + More Control
  10. 10. New Way for Enterprises to build & deliver applications
  11. 11. os-SaaS open source - software as a service
  12. 12. Develop Hardware Reqs Provision OS & Software Capacity Plan Deploy Manage Backups Security ScalingMonitoring Log Management Issues Scale? 12SearchStax Confidential, Do Not Share
  13. 13. Develop Deploy New Way … Optimize 13SearchStax Confidential, Do Not Share
  14. 14. Search Use Case
  15. 15. Customers Leads/ Consumer Prospects Sales Customer Service Marketing Credit Data Financial Data Family Data Comprehensive / SingleView of Individual 15SearchStax Confidential, Do Not Share
  16. 16. 16SearchStax Confidential, Do Not Share
  17. 17. AS A SERVICE 17SearchStax Confidential, Do Not Share
  18. 18. Demo
  19. 19. Thank you for listening! @maggon / sameer@searchstax.com