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Intra2 Report: Homepage review and benchmark (example)

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An example on reporting from an intranet homepage review and benchmark made by Intra2 | Share your intranet.

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Intra2 Report: Homepage review and benchmark (example)

  1. 1. How does Company X prioritize the limited space of the intranet homepage? Review and benchmark by: Review and benchmark June 1st 2016 Report example
  2. 2. 160601 Content • Introduction • Methodology • Average homepage • Homepage reviewed • Your review and benchmark results • How to get inspiration for improving your intranet homepage
  3. 3. 160601 Introduction • Your intranet homepage is – The entry point to the entire intranet – The first intranet page for all users – The only intranet page for some users • It’s therefore crucial how you prioritize the limited space of this page
  4. 4. 160601 Methodology 1. We have classified content on your intranet homepage according to four basic purposes of an intranet
  5. 5. 160601 Methodology 2. We have assessed the total area used for each purpose and calculated the balance in percentage. 3. The result is presented in two graphs: – A pie chart, showing the balance between the four purposes on your intranet homepage. – A bar chart, showing how your homepage compares against an average homepage. The scale shows percentage points.
  6. 6. 160601 The average intranet homepage* * Pr. June 1st 2016. The numbers of intranets used for calculating the average is 51.
  7. 7. 160601 Screenshot made 20xx.xx.xx. Screenshot is also accessible at our password protected website: www.intra2.com <option> COMPANY X Homepage reviewed
  8. 8. 160601 Review Benchmark COMPANY X Homepage review and benchmark
  9. 9. 160601 How to get inspiration for improving your intranet homepage • On our password protected website Intra2 you can get inspiration from intranet homepages from more than 350 companies – mainly Scandinavian. Among these are 65 global companies with English intranets. • In total, the website contains more than 5000 intranet screenshots - covering areas as news, HR-information, search, employee profiles, collaboration and workflows. • In order to get access to Intra2, you have to share screenshots from your own intranet. • Read more and join at Intra2.com.