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Japan Tsunami: Powerful Photos of the Earthquake and Nuclear disaster that hit six years ago

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Japan Tsunami: Powerful Photos of the Earthquake and Nuclear disaster that hit six years ago

  1. 1. Gas storage tanks explode after the earthquake hit the Cosmo oil refinery in Ichihara city, Chiba PrefectureAsahi/Reuters
  2. 2. The sixth anniversary of the massive earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster that devastated swathes of Japan on 11 March 2011. At 2.46pm on 11 March 2011, Japan was struck by an earthquake with a magnitude of 9.0 – the biggest in the nation's recorded history and one of the five most powerful recorded ever around the world. The epicentre was located about 70km east of Tohoku in Miyagi prefecture, north-eastern Japan. The six-minute- long tremor and its thousands of aftershocks shook buildings across much of northern Japan and the nation's capital.
  3. 3. A huge whirlpool is seen in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Oarai, Ibaraki prefectureKyodo/Reuters
  4. 4. 11 March 2011: A powerful wave crashes onto a street in Miyako in Iwate prefecture, sweeping all before itMainichi Shimbun/Reuters
  5. 5. Enormous tsunami waves hit the coast of Minamisoma in Fukushima prefectureJiji Press/AFP
  6. 6. The sea sweeps far inland in coastal areas of Iwanuma, Miyagi PrefectureKyodo/Reuters
  7. 7. 11 March 2011: Toya Chiba, a reporter for local newspaper Iwate Tokai Shimbun, is swept away by the tsunami as he was reporting at Kamaishi port, Iwate prefecture. Chiba managed to survive by grabbing a dangling rope and climbing onto a coal heapKamaishi Port Office via Kyodo/Reuters
  8. 8. Huge waves sweep ashore and flood Sendai AirportKyodo/Reuters
  9. 9. Fishing boats and vehicles are swept away by a tsunami wave at Onahama port in Iwaki city, Fukushima prefectureJiji Press/AFP
  10. 10. Houses that caught alight during the earthquake are swept out to sea by the tsunami in Natori, Fukushima prefectureKyodo/Reuters
  11. 11. Cars and aeroplanes are jumbled up among debris at Sendai AirportKyodo/Reuters
  12. 12. Total devastation is seen in an area of Kesennuma, Miyagi prefecture, the day after the earthquake and tsunamiJiji Press/AFP
  13. 13. People paddling a floating container in Miyagi prefecture are rescuedKyodo/Reuters
  14. 14. A soldier carries an elderly man on his back to a shelter in Natori, Miyagi prefectureYomiuri Shimbun/Reuters
  15. 15. 12 March 2011: A picture taken from a Japan Ground Self-Defense Force helicopter shows the town of Minamisanriku in Miyagi prefecture, thea day after it was flattened by a massive tsunamiKyodo/Reuters
  16. 16. 12 March 2011: A huge ship is washed up onto shore next to damaged homes in the city of Kamaishi in Iwate prefectureYomiuri Shimbun/AFP
  17. 17. 12 March 2011: A man looks out over an area devastated by the earthquake and resulting tsunami in SendaiKyodo/Reuters
  18. 18. 12 March 2011: A derailed train and a car are seen at a devastated station in Shinchi, Fukushima prefectureKyodo/Reuters
  19. 19. 12 March 2011: People paddle small boats down a road flooded by the tsunami waves in the city of Ishinomaki in Miyagi prefectureJiji Press/AFP
  20. 20. 12 March 2011: People waiting to be rescued spell out the letteres 'SOS' on top of a building in Kesennuma, Miyagi prefectureYomiuri Shimbun/AFP
  21. 21. 12 March 2011: Smokes rises from the badly damaged town of Yamada in Iwate prefectureYomiuri Shimbun/AFP
  22. 22. 13 March 2011: A plane and vehicles lie among the rubble outside Sendai Airport, Miyagi prefectureMike Clarke/AFP
  23. 23. 13 March 2011: A woman cries while sitting on a road amid the destroyed city of Natori, Miyagi prefectureAsahi Shimbun/Reuters
  24. 24. 13March 2011: A woman wrapped in a blanket surveys the damage caused by the earthquake and tsunami in Ishimaki, Miyagi prefectureYomiuri Shimbun/Reuters13
  25. 25. 13 March 2011: One building rests on another in Minamisanriku, Miyagi PrefectureKyodo/Reuters
  26. 26. 13 March 2011: A house is seen adrift in the Pacific Ocean off SendaiUS Navy/Reuters
  27. 27. 13 March 2011: Debris covers a large area in Natori, Miyagi prefectureMike Clarke/AFP
  28. 28. 13 March 2011: The roof of a building is seen buried amid the rubble in Rikuzentakata, Iwate prefectureLee Jae-won/Reuters
  29. 29. 13 March 2011: A woman walks towards an overturned squid fishing boat that was tossed onto land by a tsunami in Hachinohe, Aomori prefectureKyodo/Reuters
  30. 30. 13 March 2011: An aerial view of people waiting for water at a school in Sendai, Miyagi prefectureKyodo/Reuters
  31. 31. 13 March 2011: Sixty-year-old survivor Hiromitsu Shinkawa is rescued by members of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defence Force about 15km off Fukushima prefecture. He was spotted clinging to the roof of his house two days after the tsunami swept him out to seaJapan Maritime Self-Defence Force/Reuters
  32. 32. The tsunami also led to a nuclear disaster when the Fukushima Daiichi power plant was inundated by waves, causing a cooling system failure, followed by a nuclear reactor meltdown and the release of radioactive materials. Tens of thousands of people were forced to evacuate an area 20km radius around the reactor. The plant's owners, Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) said 45 metric tons of radioactive water were released into the ocean.
  33. 33. 13 March 2011: Damaged reactors are seen after an explosion at Tokyo Electric Power Co's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear PlantKyodo/Reuters
  34. 34. 14 March 2011: A girl who was isolated at a makeshift facility to screen, cleanse and isolate people with high radiation levels, looks at her dog through a window in Nihonmatsu, Fukushima provinceYuriko Nakao/Reuters
  35. 35. 20 March 2011: An aerial view of damaged reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power StationAir Photo Service/Reuters
  36. 36. 14 March 2011: A survivor pushes his bicycle through the remains of the devastated town of Otsuchi in Iwate prefectureDamir Sagolj/Reuters
  37. 37. 14 March 2011: Boats that were washed ashore by the huge waves are seen in what remains of a residential area near Sendai in Miyagi prefectureNoboru Hashimoto/AFP
  38. 38. 14 March 2011: Destroyed houses and boats lie in a mass of splintered wood in Yamada, Iwate prefectureKyodo/Reuters
  39. 39. 14 March 2011: A patient's dead body lies in the hallways of a hospital in MinamisanrikuAdrees Latif/Reuters
  40. 40. 14 March 2011: A house drifts in the ocean east of SendaiUS Air Force/Reuters
  41. 41. 14 March 2011: Members of the Japanese Self Defence Air Force check a Mitsubishi F-2 fighter after it was pushed by the tsunami into a building, at the Matsushima Air Base at Higashimatsushima city in Miyagi prefectureJiji Press/AFP
  42. 42. 14 March 2011: Oil leaks from boats that were capsized by the tsunami in Fudai Village, Iwate PrefectureYomiuri Shimbun/Reuters
  43. 43. 14 March 2011: A man walks past the destroyed local government building in Tanohata, Iwate PrefectureKyodo/Reuters
  44. 44. 14 March 2011: A Japan Self- Defence Forces officer smiles as he holds a four-month-old baby girl who was rescued along with her family members from their home in Ishimaki City, Miyagi prefectureYomiuri Shimbun/Reuters
  45. 45. 15 March 2011: Rescue workers search through twisted wreckage in the fishing town of Otsuchi, Iwate prefectureAly Song/Reuters
  46. 46. 15 March 2011: South Korean rescue workers walk past a car on the rooftop of a house in SendaiJo Yong-hak/Reuters
  47. 47. 16 March 2011: Heavy snow falls as rescue workers search a devastated factory area in SendaiKim Kyung- Hoon/Reuters
  48. 48. 17 March 2011: A man cycles through an area hit by earthquake and tsunami in KesennumaKim Kyung-Hoon/Reuters
  49. 49. 17 March 2011: A man cries next to his destroyed house where his dead mother was still buried in the rubble in Onagawa town, Miyagi PrefectureYomiuri Shimbun/Reuters
  50. 50. 18 March 2011: Toyoki Sugawara looks out from his destroyed liquor shop in Kesennuma as he collects items he can salvagePaula Bronstein /Getty Images
  51. 51. 20 March 2011: A ship crushes a house in the port town of Higashimatsushima, Miyagi prefectureMike Clarke/AFP
  52. 52. 22 March 2011: A car is seen on top of a building in Minamisanriku town, Miyagi prefectureCarlos Barria/Reuters
  53. 53. 26 March 2011: A wrecked train carriage lies over a cemetery in Onagawa, Miyagi prefectureYasuyoshi Chiba/AFP
  54. 54. 26 April 2011: People look at a boat that was swept onto the roof of a tourist hotel in Otsuchi, Iwate PrefectureToru Yamanaka/AFP
  55. 55. Buildings burn following an earthquake in Yamada, Iwate prefectureYomiuri Shimbun/Reuters
  56. 56. END11-MARZO-2017