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2021 World Press Photo of the Year: Winners

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2021 World Press Photo of the Year: Winners

  1. 1. World Press Photo of the Year 2021: Winners
  2. 2. World Press Photo of the Year 2021: Winners
  3. 3. “The First Embrace” © Mads Nissen (Denmark). Politiken/Panos Pictures. World Press Photo of the Year.
  4. 4. World Press Photo Story of the Year, Habibi:Photographer Antonio Faccilongo
  5. 5. Long-Term Projects, Stories, 2nd Prize.Reborn. Photographer Karolina Jonderko
  6. 6. Long-Term Projects, 3rd Prize. Trapped in Greece. Angelos Tzortzinis
  7. 7. “Paradise Lost” © Valery Melnikov (Russia). Sputnik. General News, First Place, Stories.
  8. 8. General News, Second Prize, Singles—The Human Cost of COVID-19:Joshua Irwandi
  9. 9. Contemporary Issues, Singles, 3rd Prize. Resting Soldier. Photographer, Vaghinak Ghazaryan
  10. 10. General News, 2nd Prize Cross-Border Love, Photographer Roland Schmid
  11. 11. “Emancipation Memorial Debate” © Evelyn Hockstein (United States), The Washington Post. Spot News, First Prize, Singles.
  12. 12. “Port Explosion in Beirut” © Lorenzo Tugnoli (Italy). Contrasto. Spot News, First Prize, Stories.
  13. 13. World Press Photo of the Year Nominee: Injured Man After Port Explosion in Beirut. Photographer, Lorenzo Tugnoli
  14. 14. Spot News, 2nd Prize. Presidential Vacancy. Ernesto Benavides,Agence France-Presse
  15. 15. General News, 3rd Prize, COVID-19 Pandemic in France. Photographer Laurence Geai
  16. 16. Contemporary Issues, Second Prize, Stories—Islamic State’s Yazidi Survivors:Maya Alleruzzo / AP
  17. 17. Spot News, Second Prize, Singles—Waiting for Release at a Temporary Detention Center in Belarus:Nadia Buzhan
  18. 18. Spot News, Third Prize, Stories—Minneapolis Unrest: The George Floyd Aftermath:John Minchillo / AP
  19. 19. Spot News, Third Prize, Stories—Minneapolis Unrest: The George Floyd Aftermath:John Minchillo / AP
  20. 20. Spot News, Third Prize, Singles—Forest Fire:Nuno André Ferreira, Agência Lusa
  21. 21. “Yemen: Hunger, Another War Wound” © Pablo Tosco (Argentina). Contemporary Issues, First Prize, Singles.
  22. 22. Contemporary Issues, Second Prize, Singles—Doctor Peyo and Mister Hassen:Jeremy Lempin
  23. 23. Contemporary Issues, Stories, 1st Prize, Sakhawood. Photographer, Alexey Vasilyev
  24. 24. “Sakhawood” © Alexey Vasilyev (Russia). Contemporary Issues, First Prize, Stories.
  25. 25. Contemporary Issues, Stories, 1st Prize, Sakhawood. Photographer, Alexey Vasilyev
  26. 26. Contemporary Issues, Second Prize, Stories-Islamic State’s Yazidi Survivors:Maya Alleruzzo / AP
  27. 27. “Habibi” © Antonio Faccilongo (Italy). Getty Reportage. Long-term Projects, First Place.
  28. 28. General News, Singles, 3rd Prize. Ceremony to Mourn Qasem Soleimani in Tehran. Photographer, Newsha Tavakolian
  29. 29. “Pantanal Ablaze” © Lalo de Almeida (Brazil). Panos Pictures for Folha de São Paulo. Environment, First Place, Stories.
  30. 30. Environment, Singles, 3rd Prize: Climate Crisis Solutions: Collecting Drinking Water in Kalabogi. Photographer, K M Asad
  31. 31. “Rescue of Giraffes from Flooding Island” © Ami Vitale (United States). CNN. Nature, First Prize, Singles.
  32. 32. “Pandemic Pigeons—A Love Story” © Jasper Doest (The Netherlands). Nature, First Prize, Stories.
  33. 33. Nature, Third Prize, Stories—Locust Invasion in East Africa: Luis Tato for The Washington Post
  34. 34. Nature, Second Prize, Singles—Path of the Panther: Carlton Ward, Jr.
  35. 35. Nature,Stories, 2nd Prize. Taal Volcano Eruption. Photographer Ezra Acayan for Getty Images
  36. 36. Nature, Third Prize, Singles—New Life: Jaime Culebras
  37. 37. “California Sea Lion Plays with Mask” © Ralph Pace (United States). Environment, First Prize, Singles.
  38. 38. Environment, Third Prize, Stories—Inside the Spanish Pork Industry: The Pig Factory of Europe:Aitor Garmendia
  39. 39. Environment, Second Prize, Stories—One Way to Fight Climate Change: Make Your Own Glaciers: Ciril Jazbec for National Geographic
  40. 40. Environment, Second Prize, Singles—Temple and Half-Mountain:Hkun Lat
  41. 41. “The Transition: Ignat” © Oleg Ponomarev (Russia). Portraits, First Prize, Singles.
  42. 42. Portraits, Singles, 2nd Prize. COVID-19 First Responder. Photographer Ivan Macias
  43. 43. “The ‘Ameriguns’” © Gabriele Galimberti (Italy). National Geographic. Portraits, First Prize, Stories.
  44. 44. Portraits, Stories, 2nd Prize. Nowhere Near. Photographer, Alisa Martynova
  45. 45. Portraits, first prize – Stories - The ‘Ameriguns’. Photograph: Gabriele Galimberti
  46. 46. Portraits, Third Prize, Singles—In Flight: Tatiana Nikitina
  47. 47. Portraits, Third Prize, Stories—Niewybuch:Natalia Kepesz
  48. 48. “Log Pile Bouldering” © Adam Pretty (Australia). Getty Images. Sports, First Prize, Singles.
  49. 49. Sports, Singles, 2nd Prize. Home Training. Potographer Stephen McCarthy
  50. 50. Sports, Stories, 2nd Prize. Faces of Bridge.Photographer, Henrik Hansson
  51. 51. Sports – first prize, stories - Those Who Stay Will Be Champions. Photograph: Chris Donovan
  52. 52. “Those Who Stay Will Be Champions” © Chris Donovan (Canada). Sports, First Prize, Stories.
  53. 53. Sports, Third Prize, Singles—Tour of Poland Cycling Crash:Tomasz Markowski
  54. 54. Sports – third prize, stories - Thoughts of Flight. Photograph: Fereshte Eslahi/Podium Photos
  55. 55. END 30-JUNIO-2021 Sound: Alicia Keys & Annie Lennox-Everybody Hurts