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Be a Leader. Got Leads? Leadind the Change.

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  1. 1. Coach: JEAN NOEL MACAQUE
  2. 2. VISION A leader have a vision This vision requires the understanding of his/her purposes and the direction that he/she wants to take people in
  3. 3. VISION An inspiring vision requires clear purpose What is your vision? ………………………………………… ………… What drives you?
  4. 4. FOLLOWERSHIP A Leader have followership to come along in his / her journey
  5. 5. INFLUENCE A leader has a great influence A leader have a vision that resonates to influence people and to inspire action
  7. 7. THE SEVEN FACES 'What you say' deals with the language of leadership, the meaning that the leader provides and its intention. 'Where you go' addresses the 'maps' that the leader provides for others, the destinations for the organization and the journeys to get there. 'What you build' is a face of the leader which deals with how time and space is protected, what the organization hosts (talent, relationships) 'What you care about' is a face of the leader that shows values and beliefs, 'How you do it' is a face that addresses what drives the leader and the organization, 'styles of doing' and degrees of 'freedom' in the structure. 'What you are' deals with self-awareness, responsibility and identity. 'What you do' is a visible face of the leader that shows him or her as a role model, driver of change and, hopefully,