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Building Strong Character

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A character is the way an Individual person's Thinks, Feels and Behaves. Character is a choice. My Character is my Choice

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Building Strong Character

  1. 1. Building Strong Character Coach: Jean Noel Macaque
  2. 2. Character A character is by definition a characteristic attitude Character is the way an Individual Thinks, Feels and Behaves
  3. 3. Character My Character is My Choice. Day by Day What I choose,? What I think? What I do?
  4. 4. Character My Identity and My Manner My Personality and My Behavior My Qualities and My Traits Formed My Character
  5. 5. Social characters Persons with social character are directed by the prevailing of Habits, Materials, Fashions, Beliefs, Attitudes, Opinions and Values of the society in which they live.
  6. 6. Social characters The conduct of persons with social character is determined by the expectations of the society They act and live within society norms They thrive on Arrogance, Extravagance and Haughtiness.
  7. 7. Individuals characters Individuals characters are those who developed their Minds and formed characters of their own stamp. Beliefs, Attitudes and Values are determined internally by the Strength of their own Convictions They elevates their conduct above the minimum level demanded by present social norms
  8. 8. Character Character is the Formed Structure of Personality based on internalized Values.
  9. 9. Character Character determines the Quality, Intensity, Attitudes, Values and Motives of the Individual as expressed in Relationship to other People and in Action.
  10. 10. Dynamic Character People with Dynamic Character Grows-up and Change by the end of their story. They Takes Actions They Changes Attitudes and Behaviors
  11. 11. Static Character People with Static Character don’t grow and don’t change They stay the same
  12. 12. Character can be Good Excellent Character Leads to a Fulfillment Life Some Good Characters Polite, Efficient, Serious, Active, Generous, Confident, Fair, Awareness, Advocate, Resilient, Open-Minded, Hard-Working, Organize, Realistic, Assertive……..
  13. 13. Character can be Bad Bad Character Leads to Bad Habits Some Bad Characters Selfish, Impolite, Liar, Jealousy, Unfair, Rigid, Vulgar, Unsatisfied, Dependent, Impatient, Undisciplined, Dishonest, Suspicious, Rebellious, Incontrollable, Lazy, Nervous, Superficial, Aggressive, Insincere, Arrogant…..
  14. 14. Character Good Character are made-up of Virtues Virtues are Gifts of our Characters Values Leads us to Good Living
  15. 15. Character Individuals can develop their own character strengths. Leaders can help followers develop their character. Organizations can and should enable character development to take place.