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The Evolution of Telling Your Story on Social Media

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There are many different ways to tell a good story. When you have news to share it's so important to select the right channels to reach your target. We used to rely heavily on news wire services and the media to share news. However, today, the choices go far beyond mainstream news outlets and wire services. New media channels have given us additional options to share with not only traditional media but also bloggers and other influencers as well as directly with your customers.

Here are the different ways you can evolve your storytelling to get the most awareness and editorial coverage from your news. First, share with top tier national media when you have a big story to tell and it requires distribution to mainstream national news outlets. These are your primary newsmakers or media outlets that range from daily national publications to national broadcast and cable TV stations. When you have a national news story the announcement will often trickle down to secondary newsmakers which are your regional and your local papers, magazines, and broadcast outlets.

Second, share your news with top tier primary influencers or big name blogs and bloggers who have just as much clout as a journalist who writes for the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, or a nationally recognized magazine. When you share your news with a primary influencer, this individual has a large online network usually in the hundreds of thousands. However, this blogger writes the story and moves on quickly to report on the next latest and hottest news in the market.

Third, share your news with primary tastemakers or trendsetters. If you've never heard of these bloggers, then you should get to know them. They're in every industry and extremely passionate about the industries and the companies they follow closely. With large networks but not quite as large as the primary influencers, they follow companies and stories from start to finish.

Fourth, share your news with secondary influencers or bloggers that make up the magic middle in social media. These are the bloggers who have smaller following, maybe anywhere from a couple hundred to a thousand people. However, when you're invited into their communities and so is your news, their followers will act quickly on this blogger's recommendations.

Fifth, share your news with your customers. Here's one big benefit of social media. You can bypass the third party if you like and share directly. Social media allows you to customize and even personalize your story for interested customers so they can benefit directly from interactions with you.

The secret to sharing is to know how to customize your story' so that it's a good fit for the channel and the audience receiving the information. Otherwise, it'll just end up being noise rather than helpful information.

Learn more: http://www.lynda.com/Marketing-Public-Relations-tutorials/New-channels-new-choices-evolution-telling-your-story/186110/367415-4.html

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