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How to Save a PPT Presentation as a Template

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So we've saved the design elements so that we can have a unified theme across our presentations, but what if I wanted to reuse some of the content? For example, what if I always want to have sections, and I know that I'll always have the Agenda and the Question slide? For these situations, we can save the presentation as an actual template. So what I've done right now is deleted the slides that I definitely don't need. These are the slides that I'm left with. I'm always going to give the Agenda slide, the Wrap-Up, and the Questions. We can even make it easier then that, though.

For example, I'll always have an Agenda slide, and these Speaker Notes will always be in there, but this is not always going to be the Agenda. So what I can do is just delete this text and leave the placeholders, so now I've got my Agenda slide, and I can click to add text and start all over again. Same thing with my Title slide. This is always going to be our company name but this is not always going to be the presentation name. So I'm simply going to hit the Backspace key. My placeholder goes right back. So now I'm ready to save this as a template because I've got it all set up the way that I'm going to be using it in the future.

I can go to the FILE Ribbon tab, choose Save As, and I'll Browse, and this time I'm going to save it as type PowerPoint Template, it going to go to a special place on my computer again, and now I can give it a name, I'll call this one No Obstacles Template, I click save I can close out of this or just create a new file, I'm going to hit New, and I'm going to go back to CUSTOM. Now I can see here that I've got some Custom Office Templates to choose from or some Themes.

It gave me this choice now because I've added both the Template and the Theme. I'm going to click on custom office templates, and my No Obstacles Template is the only one in there. So I can click Create, and now I'm ready to go. I can easily add my new presentation and start typing any bullet points. So that's how easy it is to create a template so that you can reuse, not only the theme, but also the content.

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