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The General Quiz at LingQuizTics 2018, MIT Manipal - Prelims

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Prelims of the general quiz at LingQuizTics 2018, MIT Manipal held on 29/3/2018.

Highest was 17.5 out of 31 and the cutoff was 12 out of 31.

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The General Quiz at LingQuizTics 2018, MIT Manipal - Prelims

  1. 1. The General Quiz, LingQuizTics 2018 – Prelims Crafted and hosted by – Lucky Kaul
  2. 2.  The Literary, Debate and Quiz Club, MIT Manipal (also for the amazing memories I’ve had with you guys since Incident 2017)  Maggi noodles, for being the ultimate life support in times of need  Indian Railways, for a quick and lit af ride to Udupi  All the energetic songs that both motivated me and kept me up in order to set this quiz
  3. 3.  31 questions, 1 point each, part points wherever applicable  Questions 11-20 are starred and will be used to break ties  Else Sudden death from Q1  Top 8 teams into the final (In a very crunch situation, I might relax this rule a bit)  Unless otherwise specified, all blanks are indicative and surnames are enough  Please refrain from using unfair means
  4. 4.  When you ___ _____ on your web browser, it doesn’t wipe everything away and start anew – it actually keeps some things and replaces others. ______ _____ is required for any person and organisation looking to make a sustained impact over a long period of time from athletes, leaders and artists to cities, corporations and societies.  Explanation by someone behind the title of a work authored by him.  Who? What work?
  5. 5.  This is an aerial view of the Guanabara Bay. A city got its name thanks to Europeans reaching there in January 1502, except they mistook this bay for a part of a X ( another kind of water body). Which city hence got its name?
  6. 6.  In January 2014, in an article aptly titled Touch Down for Art, The Indian Express had essentially talked about ‘Jaya He’, a collection of more than 5000 artworks from across the length and breadth of the country which was set to be inaugurated at that time. The collection itself spanned 3.2 kilometres across four floors. Today, its creator terms it as India’s largest public art project programme.  Where exactly below the Tropic of Cancer can one find this stellar display of artworks?
  7. 7.  ____ _______ is a cocktail that is essentially a mix of hard liquors and gets its name from the fact that most common brand names of each ingredient are also male given names and that the drinks have a high alcohol content , and thus have a very strong, crazy effect on human physiology.  Giving further unity to the concept, all the ingredients begin with the same letter – a part each of Jim Beam, Jack Daniel’s, Johnnie Walker and Jose Cuervo.  What group of people does this catastrophic drink take its name from?
  8. 8.  Israel was declared independent from the presence of the British on Friday, May 14, 1948 by future Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion.  However, the British mandate was supposed to expire on May 15,1948. Yet, taking into account a certain uncontrollable issue, the organiser of the event, Otto Wallisch (who also later did the calligraphy of the declaration) took utmost care to ensure that the documents regarding the same were signed by the local leaders before 4pm on May 14 itself.  Why?
  9. 9.  On May 26, 2017, parody site Faking News published a report that the present government was planning to publish a book on its third anniversary since having formed it.  As per the report, when a list of something that essentially helped the government present its plans in just one word (and in some cases take a jibe on others) was made, it was found that there was enough material to make a whole book out of it. Most of these could be attributed to PM Modi himself.  What were the supposed contents of this book?
  10. 10.  Technically, the word ______ refers to the vessel (usually the lead) used by the commanding officer of a fleet of naval vessels – this vessel consisting of something that distinguishes it from the others in its group. Over the years, this word’s meaning and usage has percolated into the world of business/advertising.  What word is this?
  11. 11.  93:20 is a 2017 documentary released by a sporting organisation on the 5th anniversary of a certain occasion – reliving the moments that brought it to stardom after a drought of 44 years.  Which organisation? How does the title come about?
  12. 12.  Started in 1964, the design inspiration for these had come when its engineers observed the behaviours of the owl and the kingfisher.  The feathers of the owl comprised a comb-like array of serrations that broke down the air when it passed through it and thus dampened (reduced) the sound produced by its movement. It was also observed that when a kingfisher dived down into the water, it did so by creating very little splash – indicating less disturbance created even at high speeds.  What were designed keeping the above in mind, that also became energy efficient in the process?
  13. 13.  Arrow is an American superhero TV series based on the DC character Green Arrow, currently in its 6th season. One of its characters is Quentin Lance, a police detective, played by a Mr. Paul.  His debut role in the entertainment industry saw him put in a few months of preparation in order to justify a role earlier this century involving a nail- biting climax.  What role, and where exactly would have you have seen him first on celluloid? Image follows.
  14. 14.  THIS IS a medical procedure called a Lumbar Procedure, that involves collecting of the CSF, a fluid, that can help diagnose diseases occurring in the central nervous system.  What is it called colloquially, thanks to the appearance of things when this procedure is performed?
  15. 15.  This landmark, pioneering event in Indian history was so significant that it made a mention in The Illustrated London News, where this event was considered of greater importance “than the victories in Battlefields of Plassey, Assaye and Gujarat.”  Coming at a time when the British were looking to improve business across the country, this 57 minute long event flagged off at 3.25pm on the required day amid much applause, wonderment and also received a 21-gun salute. Its significance also had this day declared as a public holiday.  What event, that saw 400 special invited participants that included dignitaries from both the Indian and English sides?
  16. 16.  Usually you can find two of something that a certain kind of people in this world use.  One of them is the Advanced Crew Escape type, and is brightly coloured due to high visibility against most landscapes in the background, and can thus be best seen by others in case of any (unfortunate) accidents.  The other one is the Extra Vehicular Activity type, that is coloured white, and is used for locomotive purposes – the same being coloured white due to its good visibility against the black background that can be (almost always) found when in use.  What expensive pieces of equipment am I talking about?
  17. 17.  Following is a verse from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, where he compares Caesar to an ancient wonder of the world –  Why man, he doth beside a narrow world Like a _______, and we petty men Walk under his huge legs and peep about To find ourselves dishonourable graves  Which wonder is Caesar compared to? What is this wonder said to have inspired in the world of popular culture four years ago?
  18. 18.  This item of much paparazzi attention last year was crafted by Cleaver and Company with much care on request of a regular client – though the choice of the stones used in this item was made by the client – with the center stone being brought all the way from Botswana where the client had spent a good deal of his childhood. As per many reviewers, it became priceless once it was made known that the two stones that surrounded the center stone were symbolic of someone, who among other things, was the focal point of a late 90’s headline.  What item? Who were the stones symbolic of?
  19. 19.  As a part of product positioning during the 2011 Cricket World Cup, this Indian brand along with Maxus created a zone on the ESPN-Star website that was aptly named after its tagline.  This zone had in it all videos related to on-field chatter and uncalled-for sledging in the matches so far – essentially trying to communicate that cricketers should mind their tongues and focus on the game instead of getting involved in spats.  Which brand was this? What tagline was used for naming this zone?
  20. 20.  The New Lucky Restaurant (that has nothing to do with me) was established in the 1950s in Ahmedabad. Started by KH Mohammad, he was later partnered by Krishan Kutti Nair who runs the restaurant today. What started as a tea stall, grew bigger over the years and underwent expansion, following which today this place offers an ambience to die for. Nair believes that a lot of space can be made in its premises without any further expansion, but he chooses not to do so as he believes the way things presently are is a harbinger of good luck to his business.  What is special about the location of this restaurant?
  21. 21.  This memorial in Washington DC was erected in 1931 after receiving funding by the women of America to honour over around 75 percent of a certain set of men who gave their lives in order to save many women and children in a context earlier that century.  What context was this? OR What is this memorial called?
  22. 22. Images of a fictional house called Whipstaff Minor follow. In 1997, it gained popularity thanks to it being the location for a 6 minute long performance by a group of four who were “announcing their return” to everyone. What performance was this? Images follow.
  23. 23.  On 1 April 2015, Google came out with its April Fools’ Prank called Pac-Maps, where in users could play Pac-Man on Google Maps. Following this, many people, newspapers, etc. published their choice of locations that would be fun to play Pac-Man at.  One of such lists featured the following location, that among other things, should remind you of an annual quiz fest whose name one might utter after consistently finishing anywhere between 4th and last in a quiz final.  Which location in India is this? Image follows.
  24. 24.  The credit for the invention of a now much-used item goes to Australian FW Thring – which was later refined by Leon M Leon. Its basic prototype consisted of two sticks that were hinged together. The above arrangement is today used atop a whiteboard (slate) or a piece of translucent acrylic glass (which is the refined version).  What purpose is it used for?
  25. 25.  In 2014, the localities of Sanlucar de Guadiana in Spain and Alcoutim in Portugal were finally connected by a David Jarman after he read about this area and said to newspapers that “Two villages in two countries, separated by a river 150 metres wide, a ______ seemed obvious to me. It also seemed like a great way to unite both places, since a bridge had been talked about for many years, but was never realised.”  In what manner did he link the villages? OR In what way can you transport from the Spanish to the Portuguese village?
  26. 26.  In medicine, vertebral artery dissection (VAD) is a flap in the vertebral artery that is said to be rarely occurring in people.  What basically happens is that this artery, that supplies blood from the neck to the brain, undergoes a disturbance as a result of sudden physical trauma to the neck. One of its types is the haemorrhagic type that causes escape of blood from a ruptured blood vessel into the brain and can thus get critical. One of such cases was reported 4 years ago to much global dismay.  What case am I talking about?
  27. 27.  There are many theories linked to a certain symbol that we all would have seen. One of them is linked to the list of qualities that Buddha believed an ideal Buddhist follower should have – i.e. Love, Courage, Patience, Charity, Magnanimity, Goodness, Faith, Selflessness, Gentleness, Self-Control, Self-Sacrifice, Truthfulness, Righteousness, Justice, Mercy, Gracefulness, Humility, Loyalty, Sympathy, Spiritual Knowledge, Forgiveness, Honesty, Eternity and Hope.  What am I talking about, that should remind you of a notable Buddhist?
  28. 28.  Christien Tinsley and Dominie Till are two make-up artists who took up a Herculean job a decade ago, where in they had to ensure that the subject of their “work” stayed silent for four to five hours almost every day in order to achieve the intended purpose. The subject also wore dentures in order to deliver the required accent expected of him. Tinsley and Till were finally showered with awards for their job.  What am I talking about? Images follow.
  29. 29.  When it comes to countries’ flags, this particular list could include Sri Lanka, Barbados, Kenya, Guatemala, Haiti, etc.  However, if we narrow this list down to a subset of the one having the above countries, the only ones in it would be Guatemala, Haiti and X.  The members in the second list included the same to highlight their capability of defending their nations after their struggle for independence ended.  What is the narrowed list about? What is X?
  30. 30.  A diver’s ________ ___ is said to contain the following :  A hose to supply breathing gas  A communications cable, in order to be able to contact with the team  A pneumofathometer, used to measure the diver’s depth or his ambient pressure.  Owing to the presence of the above features, what is this whole set named, one that it takes from the medical world?
  31. 31.  Who, in April 2015 , along with fellow Britisher Brian Cox sang his mash-up version of Monty Python’s Galaxy Song?  In the early parts of the music video he was seen running over Cox, making him fall, before disappearing into the sky.
  32. 32.  Back in September 2017, it was reported that junior sailor officers in the US Navy had complained about the “real heavy and clunky” nature of periscopes in submarines.  As a result of the above, the Navy come up with a quirky solution in order to solve this issue, that also reduced per unit investment cost from $36000 to less than 30 dollars. In addition, training time also got reduced from hours to minutes.  What exactly was this solution?
  33. 33.  April 2013 video performed by a flash mob in Netherlands – titled ‘Our Heroes are Back.’ follows.  What exactly was it intending to recreate, interestingly, in much better lit surroundings?  Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6W2ZMpsxhg
  34. 34.  Music video of the song Look Back in Anger by David Bowie follows.  Watch the video, and tell me, what is the source of inspiration behind whatever you see in the video, or what was it referencing.  Answer sheets will be collected after video ends.  Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eszZfu_1JM0