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BM3 mock exam

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Boatswain Mate study guide

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BM3 mock exam

  1. 1. What should a line handler do when told to AVAST HEAVING? • a. Put line under tension • b. Pay out the line • c. Stop taking in (correct answer) • d. Man his line
  2. 2. Variation and deviation
  3. 3. How many pounds is the maximum safe load for transfer by synthetic highline? Is it 1,000? Correct answer is 600 pounds Synthetic Six
  4. 4. How often should surface lookouts be relieved? Surface lookouts are stationed in a well-protected location as low in the ship as is physically possible and as the condition of the sea permits, from which they can see the surface of the sea.
  5. 5. Which type of lines are manufactured so that the braid is formed around a highly twisted yarn core, which rounds out and hardens the line?
  6. 6. How many award points is a Good Conduct Medal (Navy or Marine Corps) worth when calculating FMS for E4-E6 advancement exam candidates? Medal of Honor 10 Navy Cross 5 Distinguished Service Medal or Cross 4 Silver Star Medal 4 Distinguished Flying Cross 4 Navy and Marine Cross Medal 3 Bronze Star Medal 3 Purple Heart 3 Defense Meritorious Service Medal 3 Meritorious Service Medal 3 Air Medal (Strike/ Flight) 3 Joint Service Commendation Medal 3 Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal 3 Executive Letter of Commendation 2 (Max 1) (1) Joint Service Achievement Medal 2 Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal 2 Combat Action Ribbon 2 Gold Life Saving Medal 2 Good Conduct Medal (Navy or Marine Corps) 2 (max 5) (2) Navy Reserve Meritorious Service Medal 2 (max 5) (2) Greater than 90 consecutive days of service in Iraq, Afghanistan or the horn of Africa, 2 (3) Kuwait, Guantanamo (GTMO), Joint Task Force 515 (USPACOM) or the Joint Force Special Task Force - Philippines (USPACOM) (Service after 24 October 2001) Letter of Commendation (Flag/ Senior Executive Service) 1 (max 2) (1).
  7. 7. What is the curved forward portion of a projectile? Base Bourrelet Body Grommet Ogive
  8. 8. Which type of boat davits can be either the single-arm configuration or the double-arm configuration and the arm(s) pivot(s) around a single axis to move inboard or outboard? Overhead suspended Slewing boat Pivot boat Davit boat Not the correct answer Not the correct answer Not the correct answer Not the correct answer Correct Pivoted link boat