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FutureMed 2013 lucien engelen

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FutureMed 2013 lucien engelen

  1. Ready to launch a different perspective ?the one from patients in innovation
  2. We have to balance !
  3. Lucien Engelen (@lucienengelen)Head Regional Emergency NetworkDirector Radboud REshape & Innovation CenterAdvisory to the Executive CommitteeNOT a doctor, but extremely IMpatient ;-)
  4. The Netherlands (Holland to some) 17 million people
  5. •11.000 colleagues•1000 beds•ambition to close 500•Changing Health(care)•First Academic Centre outside US EPIC
  6. Two things Who’s is paying attention to the Doc’sStart using the most underutilized resource in healthcare
  7. How many of you are here because they are : doctors ? entrepreneurs ? residents ? health IT ? patients ?
  8. First take away : let’s not forget for who we are here !
  9. Medicine X StanfordMedicine 2.0 HarvardTEDMED Wash DCDoctors 2.0 ParisWorld PD conferenceNational Health DebateTEDxMaastrichtTEDxNijmegenFutureMed....
  10. Patients care Research Education
  11. Average Doc will interrupt in 23 secondsOnly 28% knows full spectrum of patients concern35 projects (on side note proving they don’t know)Start listening to patients, nurses, familyand informal care
  12. Who’s problemare yousolving Master text styles Click to editAnyway ? Click to edit Master text styles 14
  13. 4th democratization Choices LocalAuthority out of Choices habit Technology as enabler Choices Fluent Review on ‘friends’
  14. Monthly visits Reviewsite in NL350000026250001750000 875000 0 32 Million a year
  15. Radboud REshape & Innovation Center CLO Chief Listening Officer
  16. Now nationwidedeployment allAcademic Centers+
  17. Consumer technology for patients Google in house ‘street-view’ former Neuro-surgical unit (OR/ICU/MCU)
  18. Tele-consult : reimbursed nationwide as of 2013
  19. Consumer technology for patients & change logistics HCP
  20. Consumer technology for crowdsourcing
  21. Wanna start-up ? in general 7 out of 10 start-ups fail (leaves 3) Hypothesis : In healthcare also 7 out of 10 fail (leaves 1,5 ?) So we have to flip things around
  22. MedCrowdFund TMMedCrowdPitch TMMedCrowdStart TM
  23. Choices now are being made by : ResearchersPatientsBusiness
  24. Bring them plans together : they’re the experts in HAVING the disease Ideas
  25. Bring them plans together : they’re the experts in HAVING the disease Ideas Plan
  26. Bring them plans together : they’re the experts in HAVING the disease Pa)ent   groups Community Advisory   Plan board Research   Writer MedCrowdFund TM
  27. Start bragging ;-)
  28. MedCrowdPitch TM
  29. www.MedCrowdPitch.org
  30. we’ve changed the curriculum
  31. REshape :dair to dreamdair to dodair to fail
  32. Comes ashort guy onstage ;-)
  33. LetPatientsHelp !
  34. April 8th, 2013
  35. Accelerating from age 0 to 110 in 20 talks
  36. What do these guyshave in common ?April 8th, 2013
  37. @lucienengelen