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Webinar: Ecommerce, Rules, and Relevance

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Presented by Al Cole & Erik Hatcher, Lucidworks

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Webinar: Ecommerce, Rules, and Relevance

  1. 1. E-commerce, Rules and Relevance Lucidworks Webinar
  2. 2. Webinar Agenda • Search Relevancy and E-commerce • Introduce Lucidworks Rules Editor • Overview of UI • Rule types and triggers • Demonstration of Features • Rules Under the Hood • Questions and Answers
  3. 3. Search-Driven E-commerce  Increase conversions with a tailored shopping experience managed by merchandising experts CATALOG DYNAMIC NAVIGATION AND LANDING PAGES INSTANT INSIGHTS AND ANALYTICS PERSONALIZED SHOPPING EXPERIENCE PROMOTIONS USER HISTORY Data Acquisition Indexing & Streaming Smart Access API
  4. 4. What is Relevancy? Connecting customers to the products they are interested in Putting the most relevant information at the top
  5. 5. Relevancy Drivers Search Terms Phrase Matching Likes (Product Reviews) Date (Product Launches) Spellchecking Auto Suggestions Signals & Machine Learning
  6. 6. Business Rules Are a complementary relevancy tool that can enable a merchandising expert to more precisely control the search experience
  7. 7. Lucidworks Rules Editor Business Rules for the Fusion Search Platform Manage your business rules in one UI Powerful features and simple to use Includes multiple rule types and triggers
  8. 8. Lucidworks Rules Editor • Interface centered around a search experience • Keyword, filters and paging • Bulk actions available for batch updates to rules • Built on Lucidworks View
  9. 9. Lucidworks Rules Manager - Adding Rules • Adding a rule is a simple 3- step process • Pre-defined list of rule types • Rule triggers based on date ranges, keyword matching, filter query matching and user defined tags • Rule values dependent on rule type selected
  10. 10. Lucidworks Rules Manager – Edit Rules Fast in-grid editing of business rules – including simple state changes (enable / disable)
  11. 11. Rules Types • Filter List (merchandising product list) • Boost List (boost select products) • Block List (prevent product display) • Redirect / Banner (landing page / message) • Set Params (exposes full features of Solr)
  12. 12. Rules Triggers • Keyword (one or more - matching criteria) • Date Range (start date / end date) • Field Value (filter query name:value pair) • Tags (one or more - user defined labels)
  13. 13. Lucidworks Rules Editor – Fusion Query Pipelines • Fusion query pipelines utilized for rule processing • Stages can be added to enhance the query execution + Signal boosting • Rule context data provided in response payload • Easy to extend rule type logic
  14. 14. About the Demonstration • Product items derived from the Best Buy Developer Portal • Examples will filter, boost and block products in the Best Buy catalog • I am not a merchandising specialist (your experts will build more realistic rules for your e-commerce web site)
  15. 15. Lucidworks Rules Editor Demonstration
  16. 16. Rules “Under the Hood”
  17. 17. Rules Roadmap • Expose the keyword trigger matching selection through the UI • A simulation UI will be enhanced further • Support for field value selecting from an combo-box UI component • Integration of key rule features into the Fusion core engine
  18. 18. Fusion Overview Access data from anywhere to build intelligent, search-driven applications. Thank You