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Automated DevOps for your Digital Transformation Journey!


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Automated DevOps for your Digital Transformation Journey!

  1. 1. TheGuard! SmartChange Webinar “Automated DevOps for S4/HANA” David Milano CEO David.Milano@realtech-us.com 856-689-2929
  2. 2. Agenda • Who is REALTECH? • S4/HANA and REALTECH • SmartChange Solution Modules • SmartChange Demo • Q & A • Next Steps 8/26/2019 REALTECH Inc. © 2019 2
  3. 3. The REALTECH Story The Experts in Change and Transport Automation Tool and SAP Migrations for over 25 years • Founded in 1994 by 4 Former Basis Consultants from SAP with focus on SAP Migrations and SAP Add-on Products • SAP Partnership for many years and close relationship • HQ is based out of Malvern, PA close to Philadelphia (and SAP HQ) • 2,000 Worldwide Customers • 200+ Technical SAP Consultants Worldwide • Trusted Partnerships with SAP, Microsoft, IBM, SUSE, ServiceNow among others 8/26/2019 REALTECH Inc. © 2019 3
  4. 4. How does SmartChange help with my S/4HANA Projects? 8/26/2019 REALTECH Inc. © 2019 4
  5. 5. S/4HANA New Implementation and System Conversion – SmartChange Use Cases 8/26/2019 REALTECH Inc. © 2019 5 DEV QAS PRD ECC 6.0 S4/HANA DEV QAS PRD RT Controller TRANSPORTS TRANSPORTS Solution Manager Sync Management Transport Management Transport Management Transport Management
  6. 6. S/4HANA Landscape Transformation 8/26/2019 REALTECH Inc. © 2019 6 DEV QAS PRD ECC 6.0 S4/HANA DEV QAS PRD RT SC Solution Manager TRANSPORTS TRANSPORTS DEV QAS PRD ECC 6.0 TRANSPORTS
  7. 7. SmartChange Suite – a “DevOps for SAP” Change Control and Automation Solution 8/26/2019 REALTECH Inc. © 2019 7 Change Process Management Transport Management Synchronization Management • Easily define processes • Standard process templates • Integration with Transport Management • Integrated Reporting • Avoid collisions and overtakers • Manage ABAP and Java transports • Meet audit requirements (SOX and FDA) • Automatic synchronization of N+1 • Supports workbench and customizing objects • Seamless integration with Transport Management
  8. 8. DevOps For SAP What is it? 8/26/2019 REALTECH Inc. © 2019 8 REALTECH’s Role
  9. 9. SmartChange Suite – Transport Management Ease of Use: • Centralized Control for all landscapes • Security is Single Authorization object • Flexible approval workflows • Out of the box reporting via click of a button • Easily installed and configured via transports • Simple to use and more Self Service for team • Scalable for simple or complex environments 8/26/2019 REALTECH Inc. © 2019 9
  10. 10. SmartChange Suite – Transport Management Even More Features: • Return Code Forecasting • Packages or Bundling of Transports • Cross System Object Locking • Dependency options • TM Attributes (text, links, attachments) • Repeat Imports via a click • Rejecting/Revoking of transports • Tracking information down to Object level • Proposals – Schedule a time outside your normal window for an import 8/26/2019 REALTECH Inc. © 2019 10
  11. 11. SmartChange – Transport Management Key Features: • Centralized access to all transport activity • Proactive collision detection • Critical object definition • Returncode Forecast • Automatic import with job scheduler • Event driven email notifications • Complete history for audit and reporting 8/26/2019 REALTECH Inc. © 2019 11 Transport Management Synchronization Management Managed Services Interface Manage- ment Assessment Services DevOps for SAP
  12. 12. “When our development environments get out of sync, it takes hours to find and fix all the discrepancies. There must be a better way!” “I have a transport with 1,000 lines of code. I need a quick way to see the difference between Production Support and Project Dev. “ “When retrofitting a bug fix to my development environment, I overwrote weeks worth of work and now my release is late.” 8/26/2019 SmartChange Suite – Synchronization Management Main pain points with manual synchronizations!
  13. 13.  Workbench and Customizing changes  Compares in real time  Tracks the status of all objects and versions  View differences in a split screen  Automatically retrofit changes  Record retrofit activity for audit and reporting Synchronization Management Module 8/26/2019 SmartChange Suite – Synchronization Management
  14. 14. Why Synchronization Management? • 5 box model Synchronization needed between DEV N and DEV N+1, because • Re-applying bug fixes ensures that bugs will not become alive again after release roll out • Re-applying all other object changes allows developers on DEV N+1 to operate on the most recent objects and thus becoming aware of e.g. interface changes as soon as possible Development Quality Assurance Production DEV N+1 QAS DEV N QAS PRD Bugfixing & Optimization Bugfixing & Optimization Sync November 20, 2013 8/26/2019
  15. 15. Export Analysis Categorization Recommendation Development Quality Assurance Production SmartChange Synchronization Management - How it works… DEV N+1 QAS DEV N QAS PRD SyncManagement 1 2 3 4 1 2 34 Bug fixing & Optimization Bug fixing & Optimization 8/26/2019 © 2013 REALTECH, Inc. 15
  16. 16. Details Export Analysis Categorization Recommendation 1 2 3 4 Every transport request that is exported from N (or imported into) DEV N, will be recognied automatically and queued for further processing … The objects of the queued transport requests will be analyzed with regard to wether they were also changed on DEV N+1 or not … Based on the analysis result, each object will be catgorized into critical / not critical … The final result is a recommendation for how to synchronize an object – via transport request from DEV N or manually … If all objects of a DEV N request can be synchronized via transport, this DEV N request can be applied to DEV N+1 with just 3 clicks. If only some of the objects of a DEV N request can be synchronized via transport, Synchronization Management allows to create a new transport request on DEV N, that only contains the „non-critical“ objects. Direct navigation for all objects into delta view & split screen illustration is also provided. 8/26/2019
  17. 17. What objects are covered? Workbench Objects •Full functionality for all versionable object types (A list of all versionable objects can be generated through report RSVCDI00) •For non versionable objects, we can check if the object only exist on one of the 2 DEV Systems. Currently, we cannot provide information about equalness… Customizing •Tables, Views, View Clusters and logical Objects are compared by adapting SAP‘s cross customizing viewer technology. This allows high performance comparision of mass data. •Comparision is done on table record level. 8/26/2019
  18. 18. Demo 8/26/2019 REALTECH Inc. © 2019 18
  19. 19. Thank You 8/26/2019 REALTECH Inc. © 2019 19
  20. 20. 8/26/2019 REALTECH Inc. © 2019 20 Why choose REALTECH‘s SmartChange? What will theGuard! SmartChange mean for YOU? • Managers: Complete visibility and KPI-based IT management gives you confidence in your planning and investment decisions. • Functional Users: Business processes are available when and where you need them; development processes are professionally managed, allowing for a rapid and secure implementation of business requirements. • IT Service and Support Staff: Powerful features allow you to manage the entire IT environment and simplify your daily work. • SAP Basis: Automated processes and process-oriented change management reduces your workload as you implement the requests of the business departments. • Development: Automated processes and early detection of problems, such as overtakers, secures your work and eliminates duplicate work.
  21. 21. REALTECH’s US Product Customers 8/26/2019 Transport Management Synchronization Management Managed Services Interface Manage- ment Assessment Services
  22. 22. Contacts 8/26/2019 REALTECH Inc. © 2019 22 Youtube site – REALTECH INC Twitter - @REALTECH_US FB - @REALTECHUS Linkedin – REALTECH, Inc.
  23. 23. Confidentiality Statement The information disclosed in this document is proprietary to REALTECH Inc. and may not be reproduced, distributed, used or disclosed without the prior written authorization of REALTECH, Inc. REALTECH Inc. ©2019 All Rights Reserved. 8/26/2019 REALTECH Inc. © 2019 23

Hinweis der Redaktion

  • 1) Export
    Keine Prozessänderung für die Entwickler von der Objektänderung bis zum Export
    2) Automatische Analyse aller Workbench- und Customizing-Änderungen
    Die zuletzt exportierte Version auf DEV wird mit der aktiven Version auf DEV‘ verglichen.
    3) Automatische Kategorisierung
    Jedes Objekt erhält einen Status, z.B. Objekt existiert nich auf DEV‘, Objekt wurde nur auf DEV geändert, Objekt wurde auf beiden Systemen geändert.
    4) Empfehlung der optimalen Synchronisationsmethode
    Das Ergebnis der Kategorisierung ist eine Empfehlung, ob ein Objekt per Transport abgeglichen werden darf oder manuell abgeglichen werden sollte.