social studies 6th grade sc history south carolina world history ancient history mesopotamia west africa islam china ancient rome india fertile crescent sixth grade house system education samurai green house rca strait of magellan new world cape of good hope navigation voyage cortes plantations triangular trade magellan middle passage columbus hudson cartier cabot slaves the reformation lasting effects of protestants john calvin response of the catholic church martin luther italy renaissance johannes gutenberg michelangelo art leonardo da vinci florence bubonic plague fleas manor system crusades black death rats pope urban ii sc standard 6-5.4 nuns roman catholic church book of kells bible friars monks nobles great counsel horrible history magna carta king john parliament lord knights 500-1500 ad castles peasants britian noble vikings european feudalism charlemagne mounds builders early americans adena hopewell mississippian anasazi yucatan maya aztec mummies the valley of mexico inca nazca lines human sacrifice peru songhai mali ghana gold trade salt geography animism 6-3.3 chandragupta gupta south carolina standards 6-3.4 mohammad spread ming yuan song dynasty tang dynasty ancient history. sui dynasty silk road 6th grade social studies han dynasty ancient china achievements advancements qin dynasty disciple jesus polytheism christianity goddesses gods rome greece god justinian fall of rome rise of rome augustus caesar julius caesar early government aqueducts coliseum ancient greece alexander the great hebrew religion history judaism confucianism taoism shang dynasty zhou dunasty early china xia dynasty buddhism buddah reincarnation holy books dharma karama caste system vedas hinduism aryan invasion harappa ancient india snskrit harappan civilization kush egypt nubia assyrian phoenicians river valley hammurabi babylon ziggurat sargon sumer scribe lugal cuneiform irrigation settlement the new stone age domestication early technology early tools hominids early humans hunter-gatherers maps stamp act colonies american revolution
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