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The Geatest ROI for Social Business



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While we often look for the obvious ROI candidates, let's look at where and how Social Business behaviors and technologies can really bring long lasting benefit.

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  • The Greatest ROI of Social Business
    Louis Richardson, Storyteller & Enthusiast
    Social Smarter Work, IBM
  • You have computers that have circuits that fire and are connected to networks.
  • What if I were to tell you how to leverage those circuits and networks to increase your business results…would you be interested?
  • Allow me to introduce you to the most powerful computer in your company
  • We’re going to discuss the wiring, firing and networking of this amazing cognitive machine
  • And I’ll share the GREATEST ROI you get from Social Business
  • Credit is due to Simon Sinek “Why Leaders Eat Last”
  • ENDORPHINS “mask pain”
  • DOPAMINE “seeks rewards”
  • ENDORPHINS & DOPAMINE “very addictive”
  • CORTISOL “the stress hormone”
  • CORTISOL “inhibits creativity, immunity & growth”
  • SEROTONIN “leadership chemical”
  • OXYTOCIN “trust, kind & protected”
  • OXYTOCIN “inhibits addiction, boosts immunity& increases creativity”
  • OXYTOCIN “can’t be bought and builds up over time”
  • Here’s where the ROI of Social Business makes this interesting
  • There are plenty of ROI use cases. In fact we’ve discovered many patterns, such as the benefits for Customer Engagement, Recruiting and Onboarding, Expertise & Knowledge, Workplace & Public Safety, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Supply Chain.
  • Here are some of these benefits. 25% reduction in time needed to fill a position. 2 day reduction in time in onboarding a new employee. 50% reduction in customer or agent cost and 20% reduction in man-hours needed to create new product release
  • Fill a position “check”, Get new employee working “check”, Cut cost “Check”, Release products faster “check”
  • These are all DOPAMINE type results…getting things done and checked off. We most often focus ROI discussions around these types of results.
  • Yet in 2012 our Global CEO study, CEO around the globe told us their employees needed to be “collaborative, communicative, creative & flexible”
  • So...what’s the ROI on people kindly giving assistance without being asked? This is a case where a person asked me a question using our social system, IBM Connections. Several people helped address the need and answer the question. All without being asked or seeking some reward. What’s that worth?
  • Or what about when your executive gives you a personal “thank you” for something you created and shared? Public and authentic recognition from a leader. What’s that worth?
  • Even something as simple as a “like”. Imagine if when you came into work, you were alerted that several people “liked” a file or idea you shared. A simple click by one person yields big results. What is that worth?
  • Or when you create something and share it. Imagine the feeling you get when you see others reusing it. What’s that worth?
  • This is OXYTOCIN at work
  • But before you geo all “squishy feely”
  • Allow me to remind you of the effects of Oxytocin
  • Encourages SHARING
  • Not to mention OXYTOCIN also boost your IMMUNE system, but that’s for another time…
  • So the GREATEST ROI for Social Business is
  • Remember Oxytocin’s Impact
  • IBM Connections www.ibm.com/social
    It can be the Oxytocin drip your people & your company is looking for
  • Thank you
    Louis Richardson
    Copyright 2015 IBM Corporation
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