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Louis Desmarteaux

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Louis Desmarteaux has been playing tennis since he was a young boy. He always loved the sport of tennis, and he continued playing into adulthood. Today, he is certified by the United States Tennis Association, known as USTA. Additionally, he has played in various tennis tournaments that have taken place all around the world. Louis Desmarteaux has enjoyed the many opportunities that he has had to travel. Louis Desmarteaux says that he has tennis to thank for those opportunities.

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Louis Desmarteaux

  1. 1. Louis Desmarteaux Intern t Nitro t Sapien a
  2. 2. Louis Desmarteaux Attended St. John’s University Louis Desmarteaux lives in Boston, Massachusetts today. In Boston, Louis Desmarteaux enjoys working as an intern at a cutting-edge marketing company known as Sapient Nitro. Before his current position, Louis Desmarteaux lived in New York. There, he attended school at St. John’s University. At St. John’s, Louis Desmarteaux worked incredibly hard in order to accomplish all that he did academically. He is quite proud of all of the hard work and effort that he put into his education.
  3. 3. Education: Bachelor of Arts Today, Louis Desmarteaux works at Sapient Nitro, which is a marketing firm that prides itself on its modern day approach to marketing and branding. The company is based in Boston, Massachusetts, where Louis Desmarteaux lives and works. Prior to living in Boston, Louis Desmarteaux lived in New York, where he attended school at the prestigious St. John’s University. There, Louis Desmarteaux spent many sleepless nights studying hard in order to earn his Bachelor of Arts.
  4. 4. Accomplished Tennis Player Louis Desmarteaux is considered to be a Level 1 tennis player by the USTA. The USTA stands for the United States Tennis Association. The group was organized in 1881 in New York City, and it has been working ever since to help spread the popularity of the sport of tennis. Louis Desmarteaux worked hard to hone his tennis skills. Louis Desmarteaux is proud to be recognized by a group that has such a long-reaching history.
  5. 5. Contact Louis Desmarteaux Address: 332 Newbury St Boston MA USA 02115
  6. 6. Contact Louis Desmarteaux Address: 332 Newbury St Boston MA USA 02115