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How to Develop & Use Your Personal Power

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Your life improves tremendously when you discover and use your personal power.

This slide share not only describes your personal power but also gives you five easy steps that you can begin using RIGHT away to build your own Personal Power.

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How to Develop & Use Your Personal Power

  1. 1. Presentedby... •Lorna •Barrow
  2. 2. Self-image Self-worth Personal Power! + =
  3. 3. Really now… What is this Self image?...
  4. 4. It is… The idea, feeling or “picture” you have in mind about your abilities, appearance and personality.
  5. 5. What impacts self- image?
  6. 6. Now… What is Self Worth?...
  7. 7. It is… • The value that you place on yourself. • How much you think you deserve something you want. It could be: – a great relationship – expensive clothes – success at school – a fabulous job
  8. 8. What is the between self- image and self-worth?
  9. 9. AND…
  10. 10. …these two combined determine your personal power! In other words…
  11. 11. What is Personal Power?...
  12. 12. Personal Power is… • the ability to choose your responses • your ability to influence your environment
  13. 13. Personal Power is… derived from who you are… not what you have! doing what is right…not what is easy!
  14. 14. So… What stops you from claiming your personal power?
  15. 15. At some level, we're afraid of what other people would do or say or feel if we were to act as we wanted!
  16. 16. BUT… HOW?
  17. 17. By embracing the of Assertiveness Power
  18. 18. What is assertiveness?
  19. 19. It’s a give and take thing...
  20. 20. expressing your thoughts, feelings, needs or rights in a direct, honest and appropriate manner, without feeling undue anxiety. The “give”…
  21. 21. Your ability to accept what others say without reacting in ways that deny then the rights to their thoughts or feelings. The “take”…
  22. 22. Why use assertiveness?
  23. 23. • Increased self-confidence & self esteem • Enriched Relationships • Release from old patterns of behaviour • Ability to choose your responses
  24. 24. Here are 5 Simple Steps to assertiveness can begin using RIGHT now!
  25. 25. Learn How to Share Your Opinion or Point of View Step#1 • Be sure of your Position • Uphold Your Rights • Personalise your Opinion • Offer no apologies • No Intimidating tactics
  26. 26. Learn How to State Your Needs/Expectations Step#2 • Know what you want • Do not make assumptions • Invite Response/ Reaction • Do not sell yourself short
  27. 27. Learn to share your feelings Step#3 • Acknowledge your feelings • Own your feelings • Describe your feelings • Don't be a martyr
  28. 28. Learn how to share your decisionStep#4 • Make a decision • Take your stand • Be brief • Be firm; stick to it
  29. 29. Learn how to take criticismStep#5 • Explore it • Don’t react • Ask for feedback
  30. 30. If you found this presentation helpful Please share it your friends and colleagues Impacttrainingservices.com