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15 things you can do to explode your business growth

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This slide share provides 12+3 thought provoking things that you can do right now to explode your business and grow yourself. Download them, reflect on them and above all, share them with anyone you think they will benefit...Here's to your business explosion!

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15 things you can do to explode your business growth

  1. 1. 12+3 Things You can do to Explode your business growth…
  2. 2. From the mind of Lorna Barrow Entrepreneur, Business Coach Learning Solutions Specialist
  3. 3. Dear Entrepreneur, This is the time of year, I know you become introspective and want to reflect on your life and business… Here are the 12 + 3 thoughts that have so changed my life over the years. Let me know if they
  4. 4. Create power and possibility for yourself…
  5. 5. Want solutions… Look left Look right But also look within!
  6. 6. Be a constant student…
  7. 7. Don’t waste your “dollar” Spend it on time… your highest moneymaking activity!
  8. 8. Be unapologetic about making money…
  9. 9. Forget the shit they tell you…
  10. 10. When you show up for a waltz and everyone is doing a learn when to foxtrot do a quick step and join in!
  11. 11. Manage your emotions… It’s your highest level of Customer Service!
  12. 12. Want to be a Rock Star in your niche? Then play to the last row in the room…
  13. 13. You are a speaker? Charisma is NOT an option… It’s a responsibility!
  14. 14. When you work with partners… Be in complement Not in competition!
  15. 15. You’re not Growing enough? You’re not failing enough!
  16. 16. Commit to an uncomfortable possibility… Then enjoy the success that follows!
  17. 17. Perhaps you’re wondering... How do I get more good stuff to help me? Check out any of the links below: Http://www.itds-training.com http://www.itds-training.com/blog http://www.itds-training.com/lornas-business-box http://www.facebook.com/lornabarrow http://www.facebook.com/impacttraining http://www.facebook.com/youinbusiness http://www.linkedin.com/in/lornabarrow http://www.twitter.com/lornabarrow http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Lorna_Barrow See you on the other side!