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eTwinning in Italy during the COVID emergency - Communication taskforce

Communication report

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eTwinning in Italy during the COVID emergency - Communication taskforce

  1. 1. eTwinning in Italy during the COVID emergency Italian NSS Report for eTwinning Communication Taskforce 12 June 2020
  2. 2. «ETWINNING DURING LOCKDOWN» Overview ✔Schools closed until September ✔E-learning activities ✔Smartworking from March until the end of July Communication main objective eTwinning is a strong help/opportunity and it is going on (like the Erasmus+ Programme) despite the lockdown and the schools closure
  3. 3. ✔ +3.584 new enrolled teachers in eTwinning in 2020 (+170% compared to 2019) ✔ +2393 in March (+300% compared to March 2019) ✔ +1204 new projects (-15% compared to 2019) eTwinning data during lockdown
  4. 4. This audience has a certain awareness about eTwinning This audience has no/limited awareness about eTwinning National Website Insights ✔36.342 unique visitors on National website (+112% compared to 2019), 77% are new users ✔145.000 total views (+125%) • +450% views of online training section (Webinars) • +75% views of stories section («Esperienze»)
  5. 5. ✔ Objective: eTwinning is a strong help/opportunity and it is going on (like the Erasmus+ Programme) despite the lockdown and the schools closure ✔ Main targets: teachers + press (multipliers) ✔ Tools/Channels: eTwinning platform (group+dashboard), social networks, websites (news), press articles, e-mail.. ✔ Content/messages: press releases, best practices from the schools (experiences from teachers), post on SN, webinars on e-learning with experts (opened to all the teachers) ✔ Monitoring: Web data, eTwinning statistics, press review Communication strategy
  6. 6. Press office activity ✔ From March to April 6 press releases for national and local level (in collaboration with the Indire Press office) ✔ +200 articles on eTwinning published Location of the involved school, project theme and brief description INFORMATION (TITLE + NEWS) Quotation from the teachers, emphatization of the experience EMPHASIS General description about eTwinning DATA, GENERAL CONTEXT AND CONTACTS
  7. 7. 1. Specialized press 2. Local press (local data) 3. National press (inquiry) Example of press release multiple impact
  8. 8. eTwinning «lockdown» stories ✔Objective: give examples of good practices in order to demonstrate that eTwinning is going on and it helps teachers ✔Research and selection of projects founded during the lockdown ✔Experience description form (content) ✔Publication on the website ✔Social networks promotion http://etwinning.indire.it/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Scheda-esperienza-eTwinning.pdf
  9. 9. Instagram initiative ✔Objectives: raise the buzz and the engagement of the Instagram comunity; Get pictures from teachers ✔Launch of the hashtag #eTwinningNonSiFerma ✔Creation of dedicated post / stories
  10. 10. Results (March-May) ✔+300 posts shared/pictures collected ✔+100% average impression per single posts (2.500 users) ✔+200 followers growth (+300% growth compared to 2019) ✔+250% visits to the national website from Instagram (2 new visits per day)
  11. 11. E-learning support activities «SOS didattica a distanza» initiative (Webinars + Group) ✔Dedicated page with logo ✔eTwinning Group ✔Webinars with experts ✔Social networks promotion https://etwinning.indire.it/supporto-e-formazione/formazione-online/sos-didattica-a-distanza-covid-19/
  12. 12. eTwinning Group SOS distance learning Opened 18 March, right after lockdown Over 1.400 members very active March-May Structured per school level –> peer-to-peer Public for all  Useful tools and links  Distance learning activities kits  Forums  Online events & Live helpdesk
  13. 13. Tools and links
  14. 14. Distance learning proposals
  15. 15. E-book on e-learning (in progress)
  16. 16. Online events only group members  2-5 per week  60 events  over 1.200 participants  about 500 unique users  Repository Live helpdesk once a week
  17. 17. Forums  30 forum threads  180 replies  eTwinning project YOGA: #distantimavicini
  18. 18. Open to all, not only eTwinners Different audience through Indire and Safer Internet Day channels  National eTwinning website  Indire & MoE special online traing offer  Collaboration with Safer Internet Center - Italy Online training
  19. 19. March-May: 3000 participants  10 SOS webinars (mid March-mid April) around 2.000 participants  8 «regular» webinars (since lockdown) around 1.000 participants with attendance certification  Around 9.000 visualizations of webinar recordings Online training
  20. 20. • 100 regional events foreseen for spring 2020 • 50% postponed to the Autumn • 50% transformed online • Some added traininig for newly hired Teachers and Headmasters (easier online) • Most TTI events were transformed in online training 🡪 many students registered (700 s Regional events and other initiatives
  21. 21. eTwinning in the emergency period  Quick response  Great support by ambassadors and Regional eTwinning Representatives  Big visibility on media  Growth in reputation and credibility  evidence of added value for eTwinners  reference point as source of quality online training  strong motivation and identity building
  22. 22. Thank you! Lorenzo Mentuccia l.mentuccia@indire.it Alexandra Tosi a.tosi@indire.it