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Supply Chain Risk Management - webinar - 10 AUG 2015

Supply Chain Risk Management

Tsunamis, terrorist attacks, hurricanes, and volcanic eruptions have impacted the global economy in the last 10 years. The effects of a “discontinuity event” such as a natural disaster, geopolitical shifts, economic uncertainty and demand/supply volatility to your business can be significant, impacting suppliers, vendors and customers. In our new report, Supply Chain Risk Management, we address the need for companies to proactively prepare for the worst to protect their business operations and weather the storm of unforeseen events.

In this recorded webinar, Lora Cecere, talks through the findings from the research, identifying ways to align internal resources to plan for a discontinuity event, suggestions on working with suppliers to prepare internally as well as externally should they have an event, and recommendations on how to start an implementation of a risk management plan. Listen in to this recording to learn what you should be doing now to solidify your operations.

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