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Customer-Centric Study 2016 - Summary Charts

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Executive Summary
As growth slows, manufacturing companies struggle with rising complexity and increasing levels of demand error. The question is “Could companies decrease complexity and improve growth by building outside-in processes that are customer-centric?” We believe the answer to this question is a resounding “YES!” However, there is a problem. Across the industry there is no common definition of customer-centric supply chains. There is no clear and accepted methodology to build this core competency. As a result, most companies have forged their own paths. In this study, 80% of those surveyed have a customer-centric strategy; yet over half (54%) state that there is room for improvement to drive performance changes in their supply chain. Companies struggle to drive alignment and build constancy of purpose. The goal of this report is to fill this gap.
State of the Industry
Today 46% of respondents rate their supply chain as performing well on the delivery of a customer-centric supply chain strategy. The definition of a customer-centric supply chain used for this research is: one that is aligned with order management, product strategies and distribution processes to deliver/adapt to against customer segmentation strategies.

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